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The Second world war p2

The Second World War Part 2 From the mist arose a mighty foe Whose banker funded armies conquered all lands Not for the lives of millions, But for the profit of the pound. Concerning our great any, dont make no assertions. Yes, they killed 6 million Jews But also 2 million of there own for desertion. And real enemy, of this great nation Was a creeping in the shadows Of hyper-inflation. Emaciated people with no soul left to sell Suffer the aftermath of war, In cities that lay ravaged For it isnt until the bombs stop We can see the full damage. That so called fight for freedom and glory Instead left our bodies in ruins But our lips will tell our children the story Of our past ignorant doings.

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the second poem in a series of 3 about the great wars


2/4/2010 8:07 AM Premium
We appreciate you uploading this to Taltopia. We hope to see some more media from you!



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Date: 2/4/10
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