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Just Probably

JUST PROBABLYJust probably---there are things about youI don't knowJust probably---there is some things I don'twant to knowJust probably---there is no place to gothen again who really knowsJust probably---there is one-hundred waysto say the things we want to sayJust probably---we have hidden desiresthat need to be lit with passionJust probably---we are trying to forgetsometimes that doesn't workJust probably---there is no end in sightthen again maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnelJust probably---this could be my own problemthen again it might be yours tooJust probably---I really don't knowthen again maybe I doJust probably---Written By:John Richard Hendley III

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Just Could Be!!!!!


3/4/2010 8:07 AM Premium
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Date: 2/4/10
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