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Products of Monkey Love podcast - Episode 9 : The Happiness Factor

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Episode 9 of the Products of Monkey Love podcast aims to spread happiness around the world as Andy & Alex take a long hard look at what makes us happy as human beings. Alex recounts trips to the happiness fair as well as how to irritate motorists for instant pleasure. Wikipedia and Darwyn share nuggets of knowledge as always. Complete with more original improvised music and vocals as you have come to expect, unless this is the first episode you are listening to, in which case, you now know what to expect. Please email info@poml.eu

Featuring the songs:

One Man, One Jar, Mindf*ck, Pilot of Love, Spineless & Wineless, Bring Back my Cows, Belief System, Leaving (piano)

All songs copyright Pizz Productions Ltd 2010

Go to poml.eu to see how you can get hold of these tracks and more!




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Votes: 6
Views: 2,115
Date: 2/8/10
Comedy: Improv