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Another form of hell

Dear diary, This earth is no place for a simple twelve year old girl like me. Too bad we cant select a planet to live on, because I would have chosen Pluto in a minute. Turns out she isnt so big either, she isnt a planet, but neither am I. She and I couldve gotten along just fine. This world is big, but it isnt big enough to fit me in it or else things would surely be different. Its all too clear really, I hate the world and the world hates me. I dont have a gift; I dont have any way to express myself or anyone to express myself to. No friends, the parents dont seem to understand anything I tell them. Or if they do then they only hear what they want to hear. Everyday I am forced to hell, taught by different versions of the devil. No one is normal, and if they are normal then human is a rather messed up species. They are all alienated in all different ways; and the term unique just couldnt describe them. Or it just couldnt describe me. Im not good at anything, though I love to write. . Maybe someday I might just get really good at it. I love writing romances and fantasy stories, or just short stories from my most sensible dreams. I love to make those sad attempts at rhyming, I might be useless but its still damn awesome to try. Im kind of hoping Ill pick up the skills somehow and publish my work and make my living as an author who travels the world! Ive written three stories long enough to be novels already and I got hundreds of poems scattered all over my desk. I love getting inspiration from bands like Bon Jovi; his rhymes in a couple of songs are just bottomless. I like to sing, my voice is pitchy and squeaky and Im completely tone-def but I still love to do it. I used to be really sporty but now Im getting lazier and lazier each day. Hell is a drag, no friends and no merciful teachers. Im forgetful and I always forget my homework, so I get detention basically every single lunch. My time management and organization skills are the real reason for poverty and war. I guess thats kind of what adds to my struggles in finding friends. Ill find a way in me. I dont know how, and I dont know when. But I will revive me confidence with a little help from my imagination. And I will make everyone wish they treated me right while I was still just a nobody. Dear diary, Im going to take the world by storm.

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I wrote this when I was twelve. I think I was depressed at this stage. Feeling down on the world. But, I think I'm getting better. This is just a reminder of my childish days :)


3/4/2010 4:45 AM
yes you have a gift...that's all i wanted to say no other comment

2/15/2010 7:40 PM
I have a feeling that you will take the world by storm!



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Date: 2/13/10
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