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Life That You've Been Given (The Doovie Brothers)

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Some of the best lyrics I think I might have written so far. This song is written for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers, but all the vocals (bad, but ok) and all the guitars (besides bass) are me. Please if you shame this one just because the vocals aren't super perfect, all I ask is that you take this message and use it! I have found that no matter how good the song is, there are stupid people out there that will shame anything. But this song is written for the ones who feel their lives have no meaning and to those who want to kill themselves because their life isn't what they want it to be. Yes, it is Christian as well... as that shows from the bridge to the end. :) Listen to the words! :)

Verse 1:
Sometimes, life can give you sorrow.
From fighting for a reason to be alive.
You dont know if youll see tomorrow.
Cause you dont think you have what it takes inside.

But dont look at the things you dont have.
Just look at what you can boast.

When you are down
Just look around.
Discover the precious life you live in.

Hold closely to
What you can lose.
Keep breathing the life that youve been given.

Verse 2:
Some dont even get to see light.
Im sure if they could talk, theyd say, "Life is a gift."
So please dont take this life for granted,
Just keep holding on because it is a mist.

In The Beginning, our whole world was made,
We were given the chance to live life.
Just keep believing your whole life is a gift
From the Heavenly Father up high.

As He makes His way for the costly pay
On this sorrow day, theres no other way.
He feels all the pain from the nails in place.

Yes its true, He died for you.
Because this man loves me and you.
Yes I know that this is truth.

Chorus (2):
When you are down,
Just look around.
Discover the precious life you live in.

Hold closely to
The Way, the Truth.
Remember the life that God has given.

When you are down,
Love can be found!
Discover the life that He has given.

Hold closely to
The Way, the Truth.
Remember that Jesus Christ has risen!

The Doovie Brothers creation copyright © 2005 by Ben Mullins
Life that Youve Been Given music and lyrics copyright © 2009 by Ben Mullins

the pictures (of The Doovie Brothers) were drawn my me as well... not the letters though. :P

-Ben M


2/19/2010 2:08 PM
Great lyrics, great song - Famed!



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Date: 2/16/10
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