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Walking Out

Walking Out Taken out aggresssion, On one prized possession. Everything given away, For the problems of one day. Such rationale makes no sense, Your brain has become dense. Another night for the drink, Taken your ability to think. Do you even know how to speak? Or is it because your argument's too weak? Louder and louder, The screams getting louder. The night turns to day, Everything stays the same. Your problems will not go away, Until your problem's given a name. Shouting to no avail, Yelling will only fail. Can't we just talk this through? Or have you already had a few? Beer seems to cloud your mind, And takes all of my alotted time. Trying to work toward a resolution, You always find a way to frustration. Now I know that I'm through, I've had just about enough of you. You'll never find another, Far too selfish for any lover. At the very end you'll see, It's your decision, The drink or me.

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A Story of a couple split by alcohol..


3/6/2010 7:19 PM Premium
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Date: 2/22/10
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