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Butterfly.... A butterfly has such a change of life, each & everyone... No one really thinks of this either..I wonder why? You see this beautiful bug flying thru the air yet never think of how it came to being~ Just time to start out it was an ugly worm,munching on a leaf.. you would never stop to even think of looking at it...Yuck... Next it rolls it's self into a silk coon, who really notices that either...then out comes this beautiful butterfly In reds,blues,& oranges..like little faires they fly thru the air dancing from one flower to another. Doing a beautiful dance~ We in our lifes do this also..we transform each day..from small babies , children ,young adults, last to adults..the beauty is from within us... We go from crying & not being able to do anything for ourselves to doing things for ourselves & helping others~ So think of your self as a butterfly learning each day,you grow differently each day....you are your own butterfly~

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A poem


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Date: 2/27/10
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