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Big Fish



Big Fish by Alexandria Heather

Alexandria Heather | MySpace Video

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Big Fish Eats the Lit­tle Fish Just to Sur­vive/

Big fish eats the lit­tle fish just to get by/
Here in the deep dark/<br>
here in the blue/<br>
the meals the thing/ <br>
the deals the king/ <br>
got noth­ing on you/<br>
don't wor­ry ba­by/ <br>
and don't you fret/ <br>
we're meant for the big­ger bel­ly/<br>
we're meant for a shadier bet/<br>
big fish eats the lit­tle fish just to sur­vive/<br>
big fish eats the lit­tle fish just to get by/<br>
Some say life's un­fair/<br>
but they're not meant for the fin­er things/<br>
key coral re­al es­tate/ <br>
and flo­res­cent crown/<br>
don't have your name on it<br>
best to just bow down<br>
to those who swim the fastest <br>
yeah those who rule the sea <br>
you bet­ter bet it ain't you<br>
it ain't me<br>
Part of Alexan­dria's UNAN­I­MOUS STAY per­for­mance the­sis in the God­dard Col­lege MFA in In­ter­dis­ci­plinary Arts.

The the­sis is pre­sent­ed as sev­er­al ob­ser­va­tions of life on Earth, rang­ing from the Galac­tic Pro­ces­sion The­o­ry, life cy­cles, and hard facts from sta­tis­ti­cal stud­ies gath­ered by hu­man­i­tar­i­an or­ga­ni­za­tions.

Alexan­dria Heather is an artist, writ­er, mu­si­cian and mys­tic based in New Eng­land.

All im­ages used un­der no-?prof­it High­er Ed­u­ca­tion copy­right al­lowance.

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Date: 3/6/10
Music: Electronica