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One Another (TDB)

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A neat little song I wrote about the fact that when we fall, we need each other. This song is written for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... www.myspace.com/thedooviebros Basically, I voice act as all their voices, so I sing as them, play guitar as them, an I write all their music. :)

The main message you will get out of this is how we are all people and we will fall, so we need one another to get through this life. However, I hope this next message will NOT offend anyone!

The hidden message of this song is my reason why I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman ONLY! NOT man and man, or woman and woman! Basically I believe a man and woman are like puzzle pieces together. Each piece of the puzzle has everything that the other doesn't have, likewise, each piece needs what the other one does have in order to be complete and full. I describe in each verse what each sex needs... or what I think so. In the second verse, that's suppose to be Phil Marshall (lead singer)'s sister... but still, it is me and my own voice, I only raised it up a little to make it sound like a girl singing. :) It actually kinda does sound like a girl. :)

Also, this was the very first song I made on my new music program, Cakewalk Music Cretor 5. :D I LOVE IT!!! :D

Verse 1:
Johnny stands alone in the pouring rain.
He tries to be a man and face the pain.
But life is getting rough as the thunder rolls.
He just needs some words of encouragement for his sorrow.

When we fall, we all need one another!
So we must take a chance to reach each other!
For one another!

Verse 2:
Marsha needs some help with a troubled heart.
Her boyfriends seems to be mad as they break apart.
And life is getting tough as he beats her down!
She just needs some shield and protection to be around!

Marsha runs from the boy angered in his heart.
He wants to tear her down and break her life apart.
Johnny sees her run, so he lends a helping hand.
As the boy leaves them alone, Marsha thanks Johnny for his stand.
Whoa! And Johnny finds a girl,
Whoa! Who can save him from his hurt.


3/17/2010 8:22 AM
Great message Ben - Famed!



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Date: 3/9/10
Music: Electronica