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Spring has come

Spring is Here..... Spring is in the air.. Time for good cheer... Flowers are blooming,the birds are chirping We write to Mr. Winter how we are breaking up with him.. as we are going with Mr.Spring now... :) As the snow melts,the grass starts to come back.. we see people out... It's like an awaking of all around.. warmer weather,no more heavy jackets The wind blows on our face with such a nice breeze... How I missed you spring... but now you have awaken... me from my long winters nap....

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Poem on Spring


5/2/2010 8:47 AM
I love this poem please check mine out on forefathers the web addy is on my home page

3/15/2010 5:18 PM
I LOVE this poem!!! Speakn' of the SPRING :)!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT :)...gonna fave it toooo :) Tee hee...you put yer words together so beautifully girl!!! :) Keep it up! YOu should write a song :)...I feel songs in these poems!

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Date: 3/12/10
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