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Tranquil Garden 004

Garden, Japanese, plants, Tranquil, peaceful

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In this 3D Studio Max project I created a private Japanese style garden similar to what you might find in a backyard. I will describe some of the processes I used to create this scene.

Throughout the entire scene I used lots of different Modifiers, Standard Primitives, Extended Primitives, AEC Extended Objects. I based much of the creation of objects and the manipulation of them through Modifiers on research I gathered while preparing to create an authentic Japanese style garden. The designs, materials & objects were created and used for that purpose.

To create the waterfall I used a Particle Array system with many specialized settings modified from the rollout menu relating to the P Array from Speed, Variance, Divergence, Quantity, Motion, Timing & Percentage. To make the water flow in the appropriate direction I added from the Space Warps Forces Gravity system. I added a Deflector with Bounce & Variation custom settings to create a base where the water lands and flows forth from after it drops. To create the water material itself I used a standard material with a Diffuse map, a Bump Noise map & a Reflective Raytrace map. To give the water a motion blur I modified the Object Properties and added an Object Blur Multiplier. To create the water surface on the ground level I used a plane with a Ripple Modifier I changed the Amplitude, Wave Length & Phase to custom settings fitting the scene. I also created below the surface a deeper plane where the water grows darker and deeper looking.

I made a Static Mesh terrain for the ground using Height Maps created in Photoshop and applied it to a Plane. I then used a Displace Modifier. I created a blending Material comprised of ground and grass. I Baked the textures and used the UVW Unwrap Modifier. This process is long and complicated to explain I will not go into deeper explanation.

The single pink tree is an original creation that I created from scratch to compliment the scene. To do this I created a plane and applied a Diffuse Texture. I added a UVW Mapping Modifier to the plane. I used a Mix Opacity Map for the Tree material. In the Mix parameters I used a Fall-Off for the 2nd slot. I adjusted the Self Illumination to 100. In the rendering dialog I selected “Force 2 Sided Option” and converted it to an Editable Mesh. I then copied the plane and adjusted the copies to different angles.

When doing the final renderings I used particular camera settings. I used 3 Target Camera’s. Render Effects per Pass, sampling and Pass Blending. In the rendering production I used the Mental Ray Renderer with Indirect Illumination, Rays Per FG point along with Mapping, Shadows, Auto Reflect & Refract Mirrors, Antialiasing, Filter Maps from the Mitchell Netravali option.


3/17/2010 7:33 PM
Absolutely inspiring!!! You never cease to amaze me!



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Date: 3/15/10
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