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Journey of Life (TDB)

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This is a song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers! Really nice sounding song... I think so. All vocals are by me by the way, as well as all the guitars... besides the high solo at the beginning (which is a MIDI instrument)... but the lower one of the other speaker is me. :) I don't play bass guitar either... if I had one, I probably would... it's about the same as guitar, only with 4 strings. :P

I love the sound of an organ! Such a powerful sound! And organ plus rock guitars equals COOLNESS. :P The drum parts are REALLY cool too. :)

This song describes that we are all people, and we are travelling a journey of life. We will go through nice gardens and have great days, but sometimes we will encounter with bad weather and bad days. This song encourages people to not give up their life, but keep on travelling and help each other survive! The bridge is long and sounds like it goes on and on forever, but I was trying to make a point. No matter who the person is, what their background is, what they've done, what color skin they have, if they're a person, they're people and they are all on this journey of life together with us.


Verse 1:
Sometimes, life can be great.
You feel that nothing can stop you.
But sometimes, life can bring pain,
And you wonder where this road will lead to.

But don't give up on this life,
'Cause somehow, you will get by!

We're all people on this Journey of Life!
Tryin' to find a home to make it through the night.
On this Journey of Life!

Verse 2:
A traveler struggles along
As he walks through some rainy weather.
He then crosses paths with a girl.
They vow to travel together!

Now, don't give up on this life,
Just help each other survive.

The white man, the black man, the rich man, the homeless man,
The widow, the orphan, the mother, the pregnant teen,
The student, the teacher, the one with pain, the one with cancer,
The stealer, the murderer, the mentally retarded, the mentally challenged,
The man and the woman, the spouse and the ex spouse,
The soldier, the citizen, the president, everybody…

Copyright © 2010 by Ben Mullins


3/17/2010 8:20 AM
Great beat, wonderful message Ben - Famed!



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Date: 3/15/10
Music: Rock