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The Doovie Brothers (Jump A Little Bit Higher)

suicide, thoughts, depresion, attempts, life

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This is the picture I have for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers' song, Jump A Little Bit Higher. You know those small books that come with CD's from other music artists with the lyrics inside? This is the page I have in mind in the book of my cartoon band's CD, Life That You've Been Given. :) All music is by me (still need to finish it) :P. Cool song! If you wish to hear it, I don't have it uploaded yet... but I plan on finishing it and uploading it when I do. :P It seems to me that no matter how good my songs are, there's always a select 1 or 2 people who shame them.... not that I'm claiming to have a good voice, because I know it's not the greatest, but you would think that no matter how the voice is... if it has a good message and nice music, that's good enough. :)

And by the way, Jump A Little Bit Higher isn't just some random saying I thought of just because it sounds cool. Think of it dream wise. No dreams are impossible to reach, but some may be harder to reach than others... but you just gotta Jump A Little Bit Higher... and no, that saying wasn't really by "Johnny Wright," he is my created character in the cartoon band, so it's me "pretending" that it is him... so it's a saying I thought of... wow, I feel so immature saying that I still pretend. :P

Art and music by me... Ben Mullins




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Date: 3/17/10
Art: Drawing