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The Doovie Brothers group poster (2-20-10)

cartoon, band, silly, goofy, music

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Allow me to introduce you to my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers! Yay! Time to clap... jk. :P This is a little cartoon band I created around 2005. I make it seem like they write their own songs and actually record themselves singing and playing the music they wrote, when the reality is... I write all their song, both lyrics and music, and I play all their instruments (the ones I don't have, I use MIDI instruments) and I sing as all them... usually, there are 2 vocalists... sometimes 3 and occassionally 4. I sort of "voice act" and sing at the same time.

Phil Marshall: This is the lead singer and the one you usually hear in the songs when listening to a Doovie Brothers song.... and yea, it is me voice acting as him. :P Basically, his singing voice is my own natural singing voice, just with an accent. He comes from Australia, but is starting to develop the southern American accent... actually, I just really stink at doing an Australian accent. :P but I LOVE the accent. :) Phil also plays trumpet for the band and writes most of their music... actually, it's me... :/

Doov Groove: This is the guy with the strangest voice of the band. He does the BGV's (backgroung vocals) for the band... but will occassionally do lead vocals... like in the song, Open Your Eyes... you can find it here on this profile. Doov is the silly/stupid one of the band... well not really stupid, just silly. :P He sometimes farts in the middle of songs... and says random stuff. :P But as silly and goofy as he is, he's really a GREAT singer as well as an outstanding saxophone and trombone player... yea, he plays those for the band too... any saxophone... soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass... I haven't had him play a bass sax in a song yet. hmmm... :P

Toby Tyball: this is the "Grandpa" of the band. :P He's the oldest. He plays anything with strings and a fret board... meaning any kind of guitar, bass guitar, and anything in the violin family. He also sings the bass vocals... so he has sort of a deep voice. But in the average Doovie Brother song, he plays either electric guitar or acoustic guitar... and usually does some pretty cool solos. Also, his last name came from a character I was reading about in Romeo and Juliet during my freshman year, Tybalt. :)

Mack McDonald: This guy is the guitarist. He deffinately claims to have a terrible singing voice, so he don't sing... exept in one song called Michelle... written for his wife... Michelle McDonald. :P He play the electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

Johnny Wright: This is the bald bass player of the band. :P He plays any kind of bass... electric bass, acoustic bass, fretless bass, and any other bass. :P He can play guitar, but he plays bass for the band. :) And he's the only bald one in the band. :P

Lil' Boe Barton: His real name is Edward Boe Barton, but the band calls him Lil' Boe because of his size. :P He plays the keys in the band... anything with keys... besides a computer keyboard. :P He plays piano (usually), keyboard synthesizer, organ, harpsichord, and anything in that area. Sometimes in live concerts, he will sing background vocals with Doov to help support the BGV's. :)

Jack "Ringo" Blackster: This is Jack, but the band address him as Ringo... because that was the name of the Beatles' drummer. :) And in case you didn't figure it out, he plays the drums in the band. :P He quiet a rocker, but is a very quiet and gentle person apart from him music life. :) He is also an assistant Percussion teacher... but sometimes his Doovie Brothers job keeps him from that... so he later quits being a teacher and continues with The Doovie Brothers. :)

Art by Ben Mullins (me)
Created by Ben Mullins (me again) :)




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Date: 3/17/10
Art: Drawing