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Having Fun

Having fun She skipped across the tall green grass of Spring. Far above my never-ending smile the sun blazed with the hope and happiness that Winter had froze. The lush fields flourished; her kingdom was revived at last, with the Ficus Benjamina being her throne. She sat upon this noblest of thrones and gazed over my subjects; the bright-eyed daiseys, the beautiful roses, and the intelligent tulips. They bowed to her as the wind whistled sofltly and respectfully. She bathed in the sunlight and deeply drew in the air that had been cycled throughout her vast country of brethren and sisters. A small insect fluttered about, then landed on her stomach. "Even the downtrodden beings of Earth may come together in my kingdom." She lay on her back, looking up at the clear blue sky. Then, as soon as the sky had lightened, the sky darkened, turning her kingdom off for the night. She smiled still at this because the dark of night was the only thing she loved more than a bright Spring day. "True beauty," she paused to look joyously around her, "is best seen in the dark." She pondered at her own words and proved to herself that they were true. "In the light the sky was blue, plain, and pretty," she told herself, looking up at the sky again, "but now look. Sparkling stars that will forever instill beautiful wonders were at once hidden by the light of day, but are now, in the dark, revealed." She then spent the rest of the night beneath the stars and awoke to her kingdom, revived once more.

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Short Story


5/20/2010 11:56 AM
I AM impressed! We'll have to get you into some scriptwriting now.



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