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A song from Episode 9 of the Products of Monkey Love podcast (free to download from Itunes and last.fm).

This is one of the rare serious POML songs.

Lyrics: Mindf*ck

Big brothers watching, that big brother's me,
Can you guess what I've noticed, about what I've seen?
Correct, it was nothing, no one can all see,
The watchers are watching the watchers who claim to be watching me

This is one kind of violation of mind
Secrets kept secret, in this secrecy,
Inquiring suspicions building a new prophecy,
Pieces of puzzles, that are impossibly,
Placed in such places that everyone will see,

It's another kind, of violation of mind

A mission remission, bought out of commission,
Tactician precision, glues you in position,
With ad breaks for brain aches, it's high stakes,
The house takes all, and you're convinced you're small

It's just another kind, of violation of mind x2

Sexism, realism, refracted through this prism,
Faker then fur for the old factory orgasm,
Taunted to violence, or forever silence,
Come in come out, shake it all about

It's a bitter kind, of violation of mind x2

Landlords land lording, their market share hoarding,
I'll stab you in the back if you scratch mine,
Skank whores skank whoring, to stave off being boring,
I'll shag you in the back if you have time,

Still another kind, of violation of mind x2




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Date: 3/26/10
Music: Alternative