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Street Hell

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Written and sung by Jesse Cooke
Produced by Mike Lightner


walkin alone during some hard times
rain pourin' down think of some new ryhmes
run into some friends that you think you know
but they just trying to fight tryin' to show
that they're the boss on these streets they own
and this fight's bein' recorded on their cell phone
but you've earned em' by gettin jumped
ya try to yell but your mouth stays shut
next thing ya know your laying bloody in the rain
alone again but now you've added pain
now you're home, still bloody and freezin
winter up north, a cold season
still alone at home, you take a shower
the nice hot water regenerates your power
now you call your friends and go out for payback
crank up rap music in your best friends caddilac
you find the people that jumped you in the rain
your friend grabs a gun but you make him restrain
put knuckles to their face and feet to their chest
ya get in their face and tell em' your the best
now blue and red lights comin' down the road
parents are yellin' this is gettin old
now they're yellin bout behavior and grades
getting grounded could ruin the rep that you've made
but ignore it, sneek out your window with your friends
the enemy already got the message that you send
gunshots blast, your bloody in the rain
once again, you've added more pain
one shot to your stomach, two to your friends head
now your wishin you did what your parents said
when they said stay off the streets they're a scary place
full of regret with tears runnin' down your face
parents cryin', neighbors callin' cops
everyone screamin' oh god he god shot
between court and the funeral, you think about suicide
should you tough it out or drink the cyanide
its been a year since his death and your still feelin' bad
thinkin' bout the life he never got, he never had




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Votes: 3
Views: 1,349
Date: 3/26/10
Music: Rap / Hip Hop