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Quest V - Breathe

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Laying low until they are sure their escape has not been noticed, our brave adventurers begin to make repairs and prepare to continue on their quest. A new path must be discovered if they are to avoid Maugris' Army and reach Skelemden Castle without being discovered.

Far in the distance they see a small clearing under a canopy of trees, just to the west of the castle walls. They decide the only way is to make their way towards the clearing, although the path is extremely treacherous. Marshy land and venomous creatures haunt the edge of the wood at the west wall, so they must keep their wits about them.

Bravely marching on, they head towards the clearing, using their broadswords to slash away the clinging vines and creepers on their path. Then, without any warning, Tro'il falls to the ground in agony; a Mbói Tu'i has been disturbed amongst the creepers and has struck his arm.

Frantic, our adventurers surround him, but Tro'il is not breathing and no heartbeat can be heard. Brewyer the Healer quickly slashes the wound and begins bloodletting. Suddenly Tro'il takes a breath, then another....then a heartbeat, and another......he is alive! At last he is breathing once more and the danger appears to be over.

Thankfully our adventurers continue on their way and finally reach the clearing, tired and dirty, but triumphant.....


4/16/2010 6:30 PM
Who is doing all this shaming someone like ms. lavender???

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