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Quest I - The Journey Begins

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Early morning and the church bells are ringing in the small village of Dantia. Our intrepid travellers are collecting together the last of their belongings in readiness for the long and dangerous quest before them - the quest to recover Durandal, the magic sword. Durandal belonged to the godfathers of the village many hundreds of years before, but was stolen by an evil wizard named Maugris. Maugris now has the sword locked away in Skelemden Castle, an impenetrable fortress deep in the heart of Ach'ir Forest, many miles away.

Journeying onwards, our travellers trek for miles in the heat of the day, the long journey only broken by short respites to break bread and water the horses. The mood is one of excitement and apprehension; will they be able to defeat the army of Maugris and recover the beloved sword, Durandal.....?


4/6/2010 9:02 AM
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Date: 4/3/10
Music: Electronica