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Products of Monkey Love podcast - Episode 10a : The End of the World Part 1

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The final episode of series 1 of the Products of Monkey Love podcast is a whopping great 2 parter, this is part 1, and it finds Wikipedia, Darwyn, Alex and Andy grappling with the complex issues surrounding the very end of our world. Alex regales us with stories of moon cheese and conspiracy within the crisp industry. Wikipedia and Darwyn help uncover the reasons behind our obsession with the end of everything while Andy tries to keep it all together again. Complete with more original improvised music and vocals as you have come to expect, unless this is the first episode you are listening to, in which case, you now know what to expect, or if this is the second episode you have listened to and the second time you have read one of these little blurbs then you probably have realised that I was to lazy to write that gag out again so just copied and pasted it from Episode 9. The End of the World Part 2 will follow shortly! Please email info@poml.eu

Featuring the songs:

POML Theme Tune (full version),
Message from a Distant Star,
Johnny Cyborg,
On the Blag,
El Carpeto,
3 Chords,

All songs copyright Pizz Productions Ltd 2010

Go to poml.eu to see how you can get hold of these tracks and more!




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Date: 4/8/10
Comedy: Improv