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Just a Boy

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A Nigerian national with an emerging career developing at Dublins Shelbourne FC, Toyosi was involved with a standoff with natives and ten or so Nigerian youths, in which they were called n*gg**s and told to go home to their own lands.

An attack of women and men on the youths resulted in the youths fleeing, only for two of them, the victim and his friend being chased in a car, cornered and attacked.

Defending his freind, Toyosi was murdered by a knife to the heart.

This is Ireland, not New York. This is Dublin, 2010, not Belfast 1979.

Not all the Irish are like the scum who killed this boy. Sure, there is a sad history of racism with the Blueshirt movement and its allies, but the majority of Irish are not racists. Not in our name, we say, not in our name.
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Date: 4/9/10
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