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If Not For Man

If Not For Man (This Could Go On For Hours) If not for man, There would be no man. There would be death but no killing. No Murderers, No Suicide, No Money. Everything only pure. Man is animal but not that of nature. Not anymore anyway. Man is a burden to that which created him. Only those with a respect for something so beautiful know that. If not for man, there would still be sadness but no disappointment. Man is not God. God is not Man. As a whole, we are all one entity. But now everything is split. Man is doomed because of man. Only man could do something about it. & Im not talking about MEN. Fuck that I am ashamed. Though I am among them, I am not one of them. Ive never agreed with the idea that one is judged with the company one keeps. Malarkey, I tell you. If not for man, I would not feel such things. Especially for the fact that I would not exist. Which is good & bad. But not just for me. Without man, there would be no Punk Rock because we wouldnt need it. No Blues because no one would have them. No Oldies because time was created. No Manson murders. No O.J. except for maybe the fruit drink. No Jim Jones. Nor the cheap-ass bottle of wine Im drinking (to further escape the man). I couldnt write this poem. I wouldnt have any reason to. Terrorists, Eye for an Eye (blind). Destruction kills, yet creates. & That simply makes no sense. Pollution, Poverty & Starvation, Weapons, Bullies, Modern Pop-Culture, Power, Hollywood & Tabloids, Corporations, Competition, Trash Thanks, Man- But No Thanks.

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This was the easiest thing I ever wrote. I don't have any more photographs & 110 is the limit unless go pree-me. Taltopia Lmtd., I don't think so. This is unlimited. TANX.




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Date: 4/9/10
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