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And She Wants to Dance With You

...And She Wants to Dance With You Nate Strange Do you see her? Dancing in the field, beautiful She dances For you In the middle of the flowers she dances Purple, yellow flowers She dances For you See her dress? Light, misty green Barefoot, bare arms A wreath of little white flowers around her head She dressed that way For you She is beautiful Skin silky, smooth Hair long, blonde, flowing out behind her She whispers in the wind Whispering to you Do you smell her perfume? Smells like spring, green Like the euphoria When the snow melts, and the trees start to budShe wears it For you The valleys between the peaks Those are her footprints Soft, luscious Every star in the sky A strand of hair fallen from her head That she saved For you The soft, white, playful light of the moon Is her innocent, childlike smile As she smiles At you The mountains She created those For you So you could know how it feels To be On top Of The World She painted the evening sky For you So you could know What beauty is The lakes Are pools of her tears That she cried For you And when the lakes were full The tears flowed into Rivers And the rivers to Oceans Because Of You Can you hear her? She sings to you In the rain She wants you to come back To her And she wants to dance with you But you don't care You're too concerned about yourself

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April 2010




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Date: 4/20/10
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