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To Stand and Be Tested

To Stand and Be Tested Nate Strange If it is true Let it stand on it's own two legs You need not bolster it No, if it is raw Pure True Truth Then take a step back Look over it through a shade of doubt With a fog of questioning And a dash of skepticism Then huff, Huff and puff like the big bad wolf And blow Blow BLOW! Hit it kick it throw everything you got at it And then some Assail it with Metaphor Golden tongues of Logic And fine silks of Deception Lead it astray Take it away Put it off 'til another day And come back with the jackhammers of Science and the bulldozers of Conventional Wisdom And when the dust clears Look at it again If it stands there like a marble statue Like a park in the front of the bus Tall, towering, like an independent spirit Free To be Anything Like a redwood tree Or Mahatma Ghandi Like 300 men or one with a pen Refusing to bow Refusing to budge Standing defiant in front of the judge Looking at you Dead in the eye With one mighty fist raised high to the sky Then stand back Let it go It doesn't need your support Or your defence And if it falls... It wasn't worth defending anyway

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April 2010


4/20/2010 1:42 PM Premium
Awesome Stuff! Try to get more votes!



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Date: 4/20/10
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