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Death Tour By: Lisa Augusta Scene Structure: Death tour The end Character profile 1072 81Ave. Oakland ca 94603 (510)-472-5652 st Death Tour In the year 1498, on an island near the west indies, lived a cult of cannibalistic Satanist .They were a family of many banished from their homeland due to devil worship and human sacrifices . The tribe then migrated to another island Cedar Way outside the u .s .they took the island from the people who lived there then sacrificed and ate anyone who disagreed. Once they were in control they opened up a tourist attraction for the summer .people who show up became their victims ,people who had no families ,friends ,until now .Two couples change that ,if they can escape .Will they perish like the others ?Will they escape the evil that awaits ?who will be lucky ?only time will tell. Death Tour: (Scene structure) Scene Structure: Death Tour Scene1: 4 of July sacrifice Scene2: the morning after (7:30AM) Scene3: meet the Vander`s Scene4: the motel Scene5: All to the lake for a swim Scene6: Guys go golfing Scene7: Shopping spree Scene8: Torture and sacrificial chamber Scene9: Ronny`s indecent burials Scene10: festival dinner at Hooper ham Scene11: the festival Scene12: tequila shots Scene13: Carl is tortured Scene14: A special party for Reggie and Stacy Scene15: Naomi and Neal`s invitation Scene16: Stacy`s horrible encounter Scene17: Carl escapes Scene18: The sex orgy Scene19Laura spying and regrets it Scene20: Reggie dies before an he can get one Scene21: Carl tries to warn Anna Scene22: Laura reveals the truth Scene23: Carl`s second escape Scene24: Laura is sacrificed Scene25: Carl interrupts the ceremony Scene 26: The chase Scene 27: Carl and Reba with the Feds John Hooper-father and leader of the cult .he runs the diner. Kate Hooper-John`s wife who sends the younger members to lure tourist. Danny Hooper-the Hooper`s 18yr.old son who helps lure tourist once they are on the island .they do this by ,stealing folks wallets ,going on the internet ,finding out their business ,and sending e-mails .however they could. Mary Hooper-Mr. and Mrs. Hooper17 year old daughter .she and her cousins tempt the tourist and they are also very sexy and evil. Ma and Pa Hooper-parents of John Pa Hooper is the founder of the cult and his wife is considered to be queen ,she does nothing but feel younger after every sacrifice. Sonny Reed-Kate`s brother in law who is second in charge .controls the fishing game .cult member. Debbie Reed-Sonny`s wife .helps with the diner .cult member. Harry and Barry Reed-the Reeds twin son`s also cult members. Ronny Glendale-the Hooper`s burn victim nephew that has sex with dead women. Diana Glendale-Sonny and Debby`s young daughter also a cult member Roger -chief of police and a member of the cult. Amy-the police chief`s wife cult member. Dick Ramsey- a dumb bell deputy and a member of the cult. Laura steel-a federal agent under cover sent to investigate the cult. Ron he is the mayor on the island cedar way and also a member of the cult. Margaret Russell-mayor`s wife cult member. Sarah Russell-the mayor`s 16yr.old daughter cult member. Rev. Thomason-is a member of the cult but claims to love god. Fiona- the reverend`s wife cult member. Dory Thomason-Thomason`s daughter Danny Hooper`s girl friend cult member. Ruth Barrows-new in town aware and part of the cult runs the clothing store. Neal Fallon-the motel owner and a member of the cult. Naomi Fallon-Neal`s wife cult member. Anna Wheaton-the Fallon`s widowed maid at the motel aware and scared for her life they swore to kill her if she said anything or tried to escape. Reggie Vander`s-banker from New York unaware of what is to come. Stacy Vander`s-Reggie`s wife a very rich lawyer cool down to earth. Carl- a police officer and also Reggie and Stacy`s best friends. Reba-Carl`s soon to be wife and Stacy`s best friend into fashion design The tourist man and the tourist woman-first ones to die Agent Parks-Federal agent investigates missing people who went to the island. Agent Reed- Two young female tourist Young man looking for the 2 female tourist Scene1 Page1 The 4 of July sacrifices It`s a warm ,clear sky ,summer ,Friday evening ,on an island called Cedar way .the moon is bright ,full ,and the towns people ,along with a few tourist ,are celebrating the 4 of July .some are fishing ,swimming ,while others sing, dance ,eat and drink .a tourist couple are sitting by the lake kissing and just enjoying their vacation .they soon are feeling very romantic ,so they decide to wander to find a spot in the woods where they can have some privacy .as they walk through the woods ,they come to an old ,dusty ,cabin ,that looks like it`s abandoned .they enter the front door to check it out ,it`s even more dusty in there .the man tries to unbutton her shirt ,but she feels uncomfortable. Tourist woman-wait (she looks out the window) I thought I saw someone. Tourist man-(still trying to undress her) come on, nobody`s there, I need you. Page2 Tourist woman-yeah right, I know exactly what you need.(she slips out of shirt)come and get it. (there is a knock at the door, the woman puts her shirt on quickly, then she calls out.) Tourist woman-hello, whose there? I told you dummy someone was out there. Tourist man-(opening the door to his surprise there stands two gorgeous young women dressed in skimpy attire) may I help you ladies? Tourist woman-(rudely) yes may we help you?! Page3 Diana-(walking in touching the man on his chest) wow nice chest I love a man with a nice chest (she laughs) what about you cousin? Mary-oh yes I do. Tourist woman-(interrupting rudely angrily) ok let`s get this clear .you two bitches need to back the hell up of my man! Mary-(walking up to the woman touching her hand) we can all have fun sweetie don`t you want to? Tourist man-we dont do those types of things we are happily married .why are you here? Diana-(licking her fingers and touching the mans lips) dont you like what you see (she grabs his penis) Tourist woman-thats it bitch (she grabs Diana`s hand) get your nasty ass out of here (Mary snatches the woman and tosses her across the room with great strength) Page4 Tourist man-(in anger) no(he tries to wrestle with Mary as she attempts to rough up the woman .she is too strong for the man .Diana grabs him by the throat and chokes him unconscious) Diana-see what you`ve done? All we wanted was a little fun before you die.(they drag the tourist outside to a large redwood tree in the middle of the woods .out of the darkness comes the twins ,carrying rope and steel buckets .behind them follow Mary`s parents ,Mr. and Mrs. Hooper ,and her brother Danny .they carry large candles and silver daggers .everyone undresses until they are all naked ,they strip the tourist too .the tourist are bound by the ankles and wrist to the large tree ,each one with a bucket underneath them .Mr. Hooper begins to chant ,both tourist are now conscious ,witnessing their horrible encounter .the rest of the cult start to chant as well ,to their father ,the dark one .the tourist man begs to be freed ,but is unsuccessful .he even tries to bargain with money. Mr. Hooper -your money means nothing here we`re very wealthy people .people with a sole purpose .to have eternal life and powers beyond belief .that`s worth more than your money (he then cuts the throats of the victims and let`s their blood flow into Page5 the buckets .Mrs. Hooper stabs them in the chest and cuts out their hearts placing one heart in Mary`s hand and the other in Danny`s hand. Mrs. Hooper-here is a gift to my children from the great one.eat my children so that you may have great power and eternal life (they eat the hearts of their victims .the others bathe in their blood. Scene: 3 Meet the Vander`s Page6 New York City ,on a hot a hot muggy morning ,in the summer ,July 5 .the Vander`s and their friends ,Reba and Carl ,are boarding the plane headed for Cedar way for Carl and Reba`s engagement ,a gift from the Vander`s .they discuss all the fun they will be having once they are there ,not knowing the horrors that await them .the stewardess directs everyone to their seats then gives directions for safety .Carl Reba are not getting along to well ,but Stacy is always keeping them together. Reggie-(glancing around out the scene) I wonder is any one else on this plane headed where we are. Stacy-(glancing around too) maybe so I`m ready for a great time anything goes. Reggie-watch it sister you are a married woman. Stacy-just kidding babe you`re the only one for me daddy. Page7 Reba-that`s so sweet Isn`t it Carl too bad you dont have a good side. Carl-shut up you are being stupid. Reba- always the party pooper damn! Stacy-dont you two start ,I did this for you guys to have fun with each other ,now Cedar way is a expensive place ,filled with wealthy folks ,lets enjoy this alright guys?(they agree) Reggie-so dear what about the festival? Carl-probably missed it thanks to you no who. Reba- well dear I had to work late so forgive and forget Stacy-Carl the festival is tonight ,relax ,It`s a 4 day weekend too ,so everything will be great .a friend of mine from work told me her cousin went and never came back ,I guess she had too much fun. Reba-that dont sound right. Page8 Carl-maybe she hated her family and decided to live there (he laughs) anyway I think she`s a cold hearted bitch to leave her family wondering if she`s dead or alive. Reggie- yeah the cold bitch. Stacy-well that`s rude you to are a mess. Reba-some more than others (speaking of Carl) Reggie-well I have to go and drain the Willy babe order me a black label on the rocks. Stacy-sure baby anyone else? Reba-a vodka and cranberry please ,and I need to dump that toxic waste ,so called breakfast .be right back.(she goes to the bathroom ,Reggie trailing in behind .he lifts her short skirt and puts it in her ,they engage in sex ,kissing and rubbing each other ,It`s over rather quickly ,Reggie leaves the restroom and goes to his seat) Page9 Reggie-(red and sweaty) did you get my drink? Stacy-(wondering why he`s sweaty and red) yes what`s wrong? Reggie-nothing babe why? Stacy you are sweaty and red. Reba-man I`m all messed up that cheap breakfast joint. Carl- if you were on time you wouldnt be always late Reba-can I just have my drink please? Carl-It`s your stomach (he passes it to her) there you go. Reba-(downing it) well wake me when we`re there. Scene4 The motel Page10 The couples arrive at the motel ,it`s now 12:30pm ,they enter the motel office to check in ,and are greeted by the owner .they look around at all the beautiful art and statues ,antique but expensive .Reba looks out the window at the gorgeous swimming pool and hot tub ,she feels like she`s in a dream .the owner is Mr. Fallon and his beautiful wife Naomi ,they are apart of the evil that lurks through out the town. Reggie-we reserved our rooms for yesterday but missed our flight so we will pay for any problems this may have caused. Mr. Fallon-No problem at all as a matter of fact dont even sweat it It`s all on us. Stacy-thank you so much we appreciate it. Mr. Fallon-well now ,here`s your key`s and here`s my lovely maid Anna(Anna enters the office ,tall ,slender woman ,long blonde hair page11 nicely built .she lost her husband and kids a year ago ,so she looks sad and dry)Anna dear this is the Vander`s ,and they will be celebrating with us this weekend ,show them to their rooms for me will you? Anna-yes sir you folks follow me please (she drags along in front looking totally depressed) Reba-(talking to Anna) I`m Reba and this is my soon to be Carl (Anna looks at her sadly) Anna- nice to meet you and what`s your names? Stacy-Stacy and my husband Reggie we`re the Vander`s. Anna-nice to meet you all I had a family. Carl-what happened to them? Anna-they were killed by a drunk driver my two sons and my husband. Page12 Stacy-I am so sorry to hear that my heart goes out to their spirits and you. Anna-no never mind they`re with god. Now resting until that glorious day when he calls for us I`ll be ready I`m ready to end it all now. Reba-that`s not good your husband and kids wouldnt have wanted that. Anna-not up to them ,It`s up to the one and only ,these folks around here dont know about good ,they`re all bad ,even the children ,I have to get away ,you should leave too ,before It`s too late. Reggie (sarcastically) ok we here you lets go guys she may need her meds. Page13 Stacy-(hitting him on the arm) never mind him we do have to go nice to meet you again hope to see you tonight. Carl-hope not damn she`s a freak they shouldnt have her working here stress and scarring the guests dumb broad. Reba-what do you think she was talking about? Stacy-I dont know she tripped me out. Reggie-well fuck her I paid too much cash for bullshit let`s get ready to party yeah. Page14 Scene: 5 all to the lake for a swim It`s 2pm at the lake ,where dozens of people are enjoying the water sports ,fishing ,and any other fun things you could get yourself into .the Vander`s are renting a speed boat to go out to the middle of the water ,that`s when they meet Mr. Glendale , John`s cousin ,and 3 in charge of the cult .they begin chatting with other tourist ,trying to get a feel of the environment .they walk over to their rented boat and this is when the twins walk over pretending to be friendly. Harry-(smiling a big shady smile) hey folks heard you just got in I`m Harry and this is my brother Barry. Reggie-I`m Reggie this is my wife Stacy and my two best friends Carl and Reba. Harry-nice to meet you all so what`s up for the afternoon? Page15 Reggie-well just about ready to go out to the middle and drop the anchor so we can catch some of that wonderful cat fish. Barry-yeah we have some good cat in there and out the water (he gives Reba the eye) and I just love cat. Carl-(a bit intimidated for that remark) well all the cat right here is taken. Reba-Carl why don`t you stop why do you got to spoil things? Stacy-you two are always at it after we paid Reba-so much money on us you could have kept it because we didnt ask you guys damn. Stacy- you didnt have to ,I did that because I care for you ,I want to see you guys happy ,not fight like you been doing lately. Reba-I know and I`m sorry okay I never want to lose you as a friend. Stacy-(hugging her) we are best buds for ever. Page16 Reggie-okay Betty and Wilma cut the shit and let`s roll I couldnt wait for this part. (they climb aboard the boat and get seated for their ride to the middle of the lake .the whole ride Reba stares at the twins in amazement ,seducing them with her eyes ,tipsy off the vodka and cranberry .Reggie watches really upset on the inside but not trying to show it .Carl is already upset with Reba so he isnt paying any attention .the twins are able to read minds and knows what each one of them is thinking about them .they mind plot with each other ,planning to rape the women and torture the men ,then kill them all ,they know Reggie and Reba secret ,and that Carl almost hates Reba , to them Stacy is the only decent one .when the boat arrives at the middle they drop anchor and the small ladder ,the girls strip down to their sexy bathing suits and dive in.) Reba-(up to no good) skinny dip anyone (taking her bikini top off) Carl-(upset as hell) put that shit back on Page17 Reba-(seductively) come on Carl you telling me what to do we`re not even married yet. Carl-you fucking whore I wouldnt marry your ass if someone paid me stupid bitch. Reggie-Reba what`s the matter with you why are you disrespecting your guy are you drunk or high? Barry-well anyway she has some nice tits I would love to slide my dick through them babies. Harry-me too brother wow would I you`d like that wouldnt you little lady? Carl-(ready to explode) you two sons of bitches better ease back I`ll kick your fucking asses! Harry-(evil smile) what the fuck did you say? Page18 Barry-I think he said he`ll kick our asses my brother that`s what he said I`d like to see that my good man. Reggie-hey now guys there will be no fighting on my boat I paid Carl-we know damn do we got to here that the whole trip? Reggie-man just let it go It`s not worth your vacation time is it? Harry-It`s cool dude we dont want trouble your man just needs to cool down thats all his woman was giving us the eye. Barry-yeah man she`s been eyeballing me since we left the docks. Reba-and I`m a grown woman who can do anything I want. Carl-look you bitch I`m warning you. Reba-fuck you Carl I`m done with you anyway sorry Stacy and Reggie I cant take it anymore he`s a total jerk off. Page19 Carl-fuck you I rather be by myself anyway than be with an easy slut. Reggie-Carl man you need to watch your mouth she`s still your woman now let s just try to have fun Reba you need to behave yourself too. Reba-(sarcastically) sure daddy anything what else you want me to do? Reggie-funny real funny what`s up for the next festivity? Harry-well it may seem corny but we were going to play some golf at my uncles mansion he`s the wealthiest man in town .we can go after a couple of hours of fishing or when ever. Reggie-It`s on man ,I play the heck out of golf ,one of my favorites .(they all go for a swim to have fun ,except Carl of course ,he`s totally pissed off.) Page:20 Scene6 the guys go golfing The guys meet up with the twins as planned in their regular clothes .the Hooper mansion is very magnificent ,but it seems to be very old .It looks to have at least a hundred rooms and the backyard or should I say football field is the hugest thing you could ever see .all kinds of servants are running about(all the cult members)lots of children too .Harry and Barry escort the two gentlemen to the golf course which is another huge part of the mansion they go in what seems to be dressing rooms ,they each have a golfing outfit to put on .the caddy`s pull up and help Reggie and Carl ,Carl is a definite amateur. Harry-well boys lets play and see how good you really are. Reggie-man I played with my dad side by side your boy is pretty good when it comes to that white ball. Barry-well put your money where your mouth is. Carl-well dudes no thanks for me my game is basketball. Harry-so you`re saying you want to play me and my brother? Page21 Carl-yeah that`s it I`m saying that what`s the deal are you ready for me? Reggie-are you sure? Carl-how long have you known me man? Reggie-okay so where do we play? Barry-my uncle has a gym inside we could use I told you he was loaded. Harry-we have some clothes for you all to wear just follow us. (they go in through a back entrance to a very large gym the best gym anyone of them has ever seen .it looks like a night at the coliseum Reggie and Carl are now over excited not knowing that they have taken the bait .the whole time they are playing they are being watched and plotted on by the Hooper`s . .the twins are pretending to be their friends drinking beers and smoking pot with them just shooting some hoops ) Page22 Carl-man for a minute I thought you guys were some low life but you twins are okay in my book my lady is just a problem you know? Harry-we still want to run a train on that tight ass. Carl-what the fuck you say shit head? Barry-(playing it off) He`s just joking around dont worry about him I feel like kicking him in the as and he`s my twin Harry say your apologies to the man. Harry-I was just joking man cant you take a damn joke? Carl-stop joking about my wife! Harry-she`s not your wife yet buddy. Page23 Reggie-hey man why the disrespect we are your guests we are leaving now. Harry-(looking at his uncle in the distance knowing he`ll be upset if they chase off any tourist) hey dude forgive my manners I promise to play ball nicely and no more joking about your lady (he tries to shake Carl`s hand but Carl is super pissed) well then fuck you pal. Barry-hey brother lets just cool it let them leave and cool things down okay and Reggie maybe we can hook up later on at the fest how about it? Reggie-we`ll see we have to find the girls first Barry-let`s have one last beer and put that all in the past can we. Reggie-cool just one more beer and then we have to be on our way. Scene7 the shopping spree Page24 Stacy and Reba are leaving from the small burger joint walking towards downtown .they are looking for any and every item they could talk about and share with there friends back home .at the time it is at least 110 degrees or maybe even more .the time is exactly 4:45 pm and Stacy notices three sexy women walking towards them .It`s Diana Dory and Mary .all three of them of them are up to no good. Diana-hello ladies we heard you all just got in town and we were anxious to meet you. Stacy-I`m sorry but I dont know you. Diana-didnt you meet my twin cousins Harry and Barry? Stacy-oh yes Harry and Barry they are your cousins yeah? Mary-yes mine too we`re all family. Page25 Reba-do you girls know where we can find some cool outfits? Dory-just follow us we know just the places for sexy we always shop sexy. Stacy-yeah that outfit you have on is the sexiest. Dory-thank you I try. Mary-so are you ladies going to the festival tonight? Reba-wouldnt miss it for the world. Diana-you two alone?(already knowing everything ,these bitches are the ones lured them there ,the friend Stacy has that told Stacy about the island is the cousin of the first tourist that was killed ,the one they think stayed because she liked it there so much.) Stacy-no were with our men .they are with the twins playing golf. Page26 Mary-well let`s stop here at Ruth`s she has great clothes here ,lot`s of up to date gear. Reba-great I hope I can find something sexy see I`m leaving my tired ass of a boyfriend and I need a sexy look for a new sexy dude you know what I`m saying? Mary-yeah I do I just broke up with a jerk and I would just about try anything to get off ,if you know what I mean.(they look at each other because all them ladies would try anything even Stacy they walk into the store and see a lady standing behind the counter ,her name is Ruth ,she run`s the clothing store ,and is aware of the cult and apart of the killings.) Ruth-hello ladies how may I help you this fine day? Diana-help my new friends find sexy attire for the evening we have our attire already. Ruth-and can I ask who you ladies are? Page27 Stacy-I`m Stacy and this is my best friend Reba we come from New York. Ruth-I heard that`s a great place I would love to go there so let`s get busy. You dont want to be late for the fest and lots of great looking dudes that will be there. Stacy-well were not looking for guys we have them with us. Reba-you should speak for yourself I`m alone. fuck Carl he`s a dumb ass that never want to have fun. Stacy-just keep it cool do what ever you want when we get back this trip was a gift to you and him got it? Reba-okay will you stop taking things so personal. Mary-we got to be going now but we will see you tonight as a matter of fact come eat dinner with us at our family restaurant ,the Hooper ham ,join us at around 7pm. Page28 Stacy-okay we will see you there. Mary-please try to be a little early so you can meet the family. Reba-dont worry we will be on time. Scene8 the torture and sacrificial chamber page29 While everyone is either shopping or hunting ,there is something very crucial going on at the Hooper mansion .down in the deep ,dark wine cellar is an alter ,lit up with candles .further into the cellar are at least 3 to 4 rooms ,each room has chains ,daggers ,saws ,and other slice and dice contents ,along with large silver tubs .John Hooper ,Danny Hooper ,and Neal Fallon ,enter the chamber with two young female tourist .dragging their insensible bodies across the cold concrete floor .they strip them naked ,then hang them upside down over the silver tubs .John reaches in his pocket and pulls out some smelling salt ,to bring them to consciousness ,and it works .when they start to wake ,the guys strip down and dress into red robes .the women scream unheard screams ,wishing someone would hear them ,hoping for rescue .they approach the women ,tape their mouths with duct tape and begin chanting. John-oh great one ,please except these offerings ,give us the power(he pulls out a dagger and slices one of the women`s throats ,then stabs her in the chest ,cuts it open ,then snatches out her heart ,then hands it to Mr. Fallon)eat my brother ,for you will have powers beyond your imagination and eternal life .bathe in the blood ,for you will stay Page Page30 forever youthful .then John get`s ready to slice the throat of the next victim ,but stops. Danny-dad I want this one let me have her before her soul leaves here. John-cut her down my son wants extra`s. (Danny and Mr. Fallon cut her down and begin to rape her Mr. Fallon holding her arms down while Danny begins riding on her .when he`s done Mr. Fallon get`s on for his turn which doesnt take long at all .John sits back enjoying the scene .after they are satisfied they tie her up again .he then cuts her heart out and eats it. John-Danny I want you to go and get your cousin Ronny and have him do away with these two. Danny- okay dad. Mr. Fallon -now thats what I call a good time I feel so saintly. Page31 John-glad to hear that my good man my nephew will be glad to get these leftovers. Mr. Fallon-I thought the boy was a virgin. John-not anymore he likes to fuck the dead ones. Mr. Fallon-thats sick but at least have some live pussy something you can feel real juices. John-he dont seem to care so why should we .besides he feels everything because the body has just crossed over the body is still warm .he feels plenty of juices and he could still get head too (he laughs) you should try it some time. Mr. Fallon-no thanks ,I like them wet and resisting(he laughs and so does John)now buddy I`m moving on ,I catch you later ,maybe you can set me up some fresh young pussy from one of your nieces tonight? Page32 John-sure no problem just pick one and she`s yours. Scene9 Ronny`s indecent burials Page33 Danny enters a dark room at the end of the hall at the east wing of the mansion .a person sits in the dark by a window ,staring out in silence ,he walks over to the person in attempt to speak. Danny-hey Ronny (Ronny doesnt answer Danny) Ronny man I got a job for you .my dad wants you to handle some lady bodies again you can fuck them all night(he laughs)come on out before you miss out. Ronny-yeah man I want some please give me some then leave me alone damn I can`t get any privacy. Danny-is that it I get my dad to give you some ass. Ronny-it is not the same as live pussy I`m not a dummy. Come on dumb ass let`s get this thing going! (they walk down to the cellar to remove the two dead bodies to dispose of in the woods .Danny grabs a shovel ,puts the bodies over their shoulders ,then carries them to a designated spot .Danny then Page34 starts to dig a whole .Ronny starts to touch on the dead women ,wishing they could feel him ,he pumps faster and faster until he ejaculates ,then he gets up ,only caring about his own sexual benefit .Danny bury s the first body ,out of no where a man comes looking for the two women .the man see`s that they are burying bodies ,so he tries to run ,Danny see`s him and pulls out a 38 special ,aims then shoots hitting him in the leg .he walks up over him while he lays there bleeding . Danny-boy you have run across something you are going to wish you didnt. (Danny then shoots him in the middle of his forehead then laughs momma going to love to eat this one (holding the victims heart) Ronny-I love what I just had. Page35 Scene10 Dinner at the Hooper ham Its 7pm and the sun sets in about an hour and everyone is getting ready for the 4 of before the fest July fest .the Hooper ham is piling up for dinner not knowing that the meat they will be eating isnt what it seems , John is preparing the leftovers from a few tourist .his brother in law Sonny helps to carve up peoples ribs and other body parts ,and their wives do the cooking and serving for the guests .the Vander`s and their friends arrive and are seated near the biggest window in the VIP section as Diana and Mary`s special guests .John comes out of the kitchen dressed in a chef uniform and begins to make an announcement. Mr. Hooper- good evening everyone for those who dont know me I`m John Hooper and I own this place so dinner tonight are on the house. All-(clapping) Page36 Mr. Hooper-my lovely wife and sister in law has put together a number of meals so order what you like and enjoy (he exits back to the kitchen) Stacy-he is a nice man (spots Mary and Kate walking in they wave at them and the two girls go in the kitchen) Reggie-I guess they have something to do .this place is packed. Carl-well I`m starved think I`ll have the steak and lobster since the food is free. Reba-that`s right and you`re a real cheap skate too pathetic. Carl-for the rest of the trip I wish you wouldnt talk to me. Reba-no problem .I wont be coming home anyway Diana said I could stay at the mansion with her and her family. Stacy-what the heck are you talking about? Page37 Reba-seriously I`ve been really considering it besides Carl and I arent made for each other he is always uptight and thats not what I want for the rest of my life .I need a real man who can be sensitive to my needs. Reggie-well this place is the greatest so we will visit you but for now let`s party! Stacy-Reba you dont even know these folks they could be serial killers for all you know. Reba-I`m a big girl Stacy I can take care of myself and dont worry I will call you daily hourly if you want I havent decided yet. (Diana walks over to them from the kitchen with a pen and pad ) Diana-hey there my special people what will you be having this evening? Page38 Stacy-the barbeque ribs sounds great with a side of potatoes salad. Reba-I`ll have the same sounds mouth watering. Reggie-I like what Carl wants that steak and lobster we`d like two of those miss. Diana-okay it will be a few minutes and I will return. Oh one more thing Reba you made up your mind yet? Reba-almost I will let you know before tomorrow. Diana-great you`ll love it here it`s paradise. Carl-this is insane what you are doing you cant be serious. Reba-I am very serious to get a way from you. Carl-you dumb bitch you just want to fuck those damn twins I just loss my appetite I`ll see you guys later. Page39 Reggie-come on man you got a free meal dont walk out on it ,not every day a man gets a free meal like this .after you eat I know something that will make you feel Stacy-how dare you Reggie-not for me babe Carl is alone now and it`s not fair that Reba dumped him on their supposed to be vacation. Reba-I could care less if he talks to or fucks any beauty queen on this island (Diana and Kate return with their meals) Diana-here`s the meals you ordered (she hands the two lobster meals to Reggie and Carl) Kate-and the ribs for you two ladies .now enjoy while it`s piping hot. Diana-well I will see you all tonight. Page40 Reggie-man this looks and smells great. Stacy-let`s eat up guys the fest starts in a hour. Page41 Scene11 The festival Festival night and everyone is having a good time .the reverend and is wife and daughter are there greeting tourist and the chief and his deputies watch the youngsters of the cult while they are doing their jobs luring innocent people to their demises .the mayor and his family show up then Stacy and the rest of the group are arriving and Reba is even more drunk than before .she sees the twins near the bobbing for apples attraction .she goes over and begins pushing up on Harry and Carl looks at her very angrily and shamefully .Stacy grabs his hand and gives him a feel sorry for you look .Reggie watch`s Reba upset because he also wants her for his self .Diana and Mary walk over to them. Mary- hey guys. Stacy-hey ladies are you having fun yet? Diana-we will as soon as we smoke on this good shit (she pulls out a fat joint) would you like some? Page42 Stacy-I quit a few years ago I had to study really hard to become what I am. Mary-what are you. Stacy-I`m a criminal lawyer from New York Diana-I may need to use you one day (she laughs but is serious) Stacy-hopefully not Carl-hey Stacy you want a drink? Stacy-a beer Carl-what about you two ladies? Mary-sure do you want company? Carl-(looks at Reba who is still flirting with the twins) dont mind if I do. Page43 Stacy-have fun Reba seems to be. Diana-by the way where`s Reba any way? Stacy-(pointing) over there with the twins Reggie-(just now paying attention to Stacy) where`s Carl? Stacy-maybe if you were paying attention you would know. Reggie-sorry baby I was just checking out the scene thats all butter cup. Stacy-yeah right I bet you were. Diana-(firing up the joint) now this is a great party favor Page44 Stacy-the chief of police is here arent you afraid you may get in trouble? Diana-no It`s legal to smoke marijuana here and to drink in public. (Mary and Carl come back with the drinks Stacy downs hers quick Reba sees Carl with Mary and has the nerve to go over to them questioning Carl) Reba-so why are you with her trying to make me jealous? Carl-no I am not you chose to let our relationship go so be happy I will (he grabs Mary`s hand) come on lets go on the merry go round. (then they walk off) Reba-I have other things to do good bye you guys I need a drink Stacy-dont you think you had enough? Reba-no I dont stop babying me (she walks off with Diana following) Page45 Reggie-why do you always get into their business leave them alone and if they dont want each other so be it .stay focus on us. Stacy-they`re my best friends Reggie I care how both of them feel .Reba is totally wrong and she`s drunk in the morning she`ll be better. Reggie-well can we enjoy our evening? Stacy-yeah what ever (The two of them walk over to the concession stand where they run into Ronny) Reggie-hey dude can I get a corona .you ant anything Stacy? Stacy-no I just had a beer. Page46 Ronny-(a little slow) coming right up sir and have you folks been enjoying our beautiful island? Reggie-everything is wonderful and what`s your name? Ronny-it`s Ronny and what`s your names? Stacy-(tired of Reggie at the time) Stacy and I think I will take that drink now but no beer vodka on the rocks please. Reggie-are you sure dear? Stacy-really Ronny-(looking at Stacy lustfully) coming right up Reggie-hey buddy can I have one of those vodka`s? Ronny-sure man (he digs in his pocket and pulls out a small bottle and pours something into their drinks) here you guys go two vodka`s on the rocks. Page47 (Reggie downs his drink fast and Stacy sips hers slowly) Ronny-do you guys want to go to the old barn for a little grown up fun? Reggie-oh yes we would love to. Stacy-(feeling a bit weird) you going to be there Ronny-of course I`m at every event my family gives beautiful lady. Reggie-(angrily) okay pal that`s my wife. Ronny-no disrespect man she is gorgeous. Reggie-cool dude let`s go Stacy. Stacy- Reggie just chill out (Reggie and Stacy go over to the funhouse and wait in line they are both feeling funny from the drinks .officer Dick Ramsey and Laura Page48 Steel approach them to talk to the chief who is standing next to them .along with the chief is his wife and son Roy.) Roger-(speaking to Reggie and Stacy) good evening folks I`m police chief of Cedar way and this is my wife Amy and my son Roy. Reggie-(slurring) nice to meet you I`m Stacy and this Reggie Stacy-(embarrassed by Reggie) I`m Stacy he`s Reggie and drunk Roger-nice to meet you two well I`ll catch you later my wife and I want to go in the tunnel of love. Stacy-see you later Scene12 Tequila shots for Reba and the twins Page49 Reba and the twins have ended up at the Hooper mansion in a room made of all glass with candles lit everywhere a large fire place is lit .Reba and Harry begin engaging in sex while the other twin watch`s when they are really heated Barry reaches behind the bed and pulls out along dagger and approaches Reba .then there`s a knock at the door and It`s the twins mother Debby .she enters the room. Debby-what you boy`s doing what`s taking you guys so long stop fucking that bitch and rap her up. (Reba looks in fright and confused all at once Harry held her down then Barry hog ties her as she screams .then he tosses her in the closet) Barry-knock that bitch out so she can be quiet! (Harry goes in the closet and knocks Reba unconscious.) Page50 Harry-damn mom I couldnt even get a nut. Debby-dont worry there`s plenty of filthy sluts you will get to tonight be patient. Harry-it was just getting good. Barry-I didnt get a chance to at least you were in it Debby-well we`ll come back for the bitch when the time comes we got more fish to fry besides her. Harry-well let`s go party I think I want to have a drink and take one of those party pills that one tourist gave me before I sliced his throat. Debby-well dont get too fucked up we got work to do. Barry-me myself I wont drink I just want to stick my dick in that pretty deputy bitch she`s a stuck up whore. Page51 Harry-we can both fuck her together while I`m getting you from the back you can hit her from the back we all will be doing it doggy style (he laughs) Debby-dont forget to let me and your dad in on it. Barry-damn it ma you always want to get in on it .that`s unfair. Debby-life isnt fair son. Scene13 Carl is tortured Page52 The sky is clear and a full moon has appeared from behind the mountains .Carl Diana and Mary are walking through the dark woods .the go to the same clearing in the woods the first tourist were near the old cabin .they are all over Carl and It`s his dream come true to have a 3 some .things are getting heated the women strip out of their clothes. Diana-what`s wrong lover are you attracted to us? Carl-(amazed at their beautiful model type bodies)I`m great thanks(she pushes him to the great oak tree and unbuttons his shirt .she grabs his penis and strokes then bends down to put it in her mouth .Carl closes is eyes and smiles .Mary reaches behind the tree and pulls out a dagger then slices him across his arm not deep just enough to draw blood he yells in agony then falls to his knees the girls laugh and smear their hands in his blood .Carl begs for mercy and even try to fight his way out but they are too strong for him.) Page53 Mary-there is no need to try to escape no one will ever find you or your friends. Carl-what do you bitch`s want sick mother fuckers. Diana-we got what we want thats you. Mary-(slashing him thinly on the face) dont call us that or I`ll kill you now. Diana-just thank god you can live for a while longer. Carl (being tied to the tree) what you going to do with me? Mary-for now you are going to stay put and enjoy your last time on this earth Diana-we`re not selfish we are still going to fuck your brains out but later you will be apart of a great happening the oldest living relatives in my family will be born again thanks to your blood and your hearts. Page54 Carl-you bitches are sick (he screams for help but no one hears) you won`t get a way with this. Mary-we always do dummy (she licks his chest and tastes his blood) Diana-help me lay him done I feel like riding for a minute. Mary-(helping take and lay him down Diana gets on top and has sex with him Mary watch`s and plays with herself while Carl is raped and tortured) Scene14 A special party for Reggie and Stacy Page55 Almost midnight at the old barn everybody is enjoying dancing drinking and singing .Stacy and Reggie arent speaking and looks like they are extremely bored .Ronny walks up looking totally drunk and his eyes are beamed . Stacy- hi Ronny are you feeling okay? Ronny-yes would you like to dance if our husband doesnt mind? Stacy-he wont mind because he cares less what I`m doing now .sure I would like to dance. (he grabs her hand and walks over to the dance floor .Reggie watches in anger but decides to go to the bar .he spots a beautiful woman there and sits next to her.) Page56 Dory-hello there I saw you looking at me from across the room .who are you I never seen you before Reggie-I`m here on vacation with my stuck up bitch of a wife .this was her idea to come here and all she thinks about are her dumb friends relationship. Dory-my dumb boy friend is probably out fucking some slut bitch tourist .he always disappears and cant be found on these damn holidays and I know what he`s doing. Reggie-are you guys married? Dory-not yet but we have a date for after the summer if we can make it he`s an asshole too .where are your friends? Reggie-somewhere around here not getting along and most likely having sex somewhere Dory-would you like to go somewhere quiet and to have some privacy Page57 Reggie-what about my wife? Dory-what about her looks to me like she`s not worried where you are (Stacy slow dances very romantically and seductively with Ronny as she would do with her husband) see what I mean handsome what she dont know wont hurt her. Reggie- you are absolutely correct but where will we go? Dory-I have a cabin in the middle of the woods nobody will disturb us believe me and your wife will never know. Reggie-great but I dont want her to see me leaving. Dory-dont worry we can leave out the back door. Reggie-alright then let`s get going (they exit the back door) Scene15 Neal and Naomi`s invitation for Stacy Page58 Stacy is looking for Reggie having a feeling he`s up to no good .she goes over and sits at the bar asking the bartender if he`s seen him .Naomi and Neal walk over and sit next to her. Neal-hey there pretty lady are you enjoying yourself? Stacy-not really I can`t seem to find my husband .have you saw him? Naomi-not since you guys left the motel. Neal-I`m sure he will turn up. Naomi-I think we should tell her. Stacy-tell me what? Page59 Neal-follow us we want to show you something. Stacy-just tell me what the heck is going on what do I have to see? Neal-follow us out back your husband is with one of the Hooper women. Stacy-what I will kill that son of a bitch take me to him! Naomi-we are sorry for the trouble we caused (they lead her outside to a van parked in the rear) go on child open it(she opened the door and nobody was inside so she turns to say something and Neal puts his hand over her mouth with a cloth soaked with knock out potion . Naomi-let`s get this bitch in the van tie her up and gag her .john will be ready for her shortly we have to go quickly before somebody sees us thats not supposed to. (The chief of police watches them making sure nobody is watching that the Fallon`s dont see.) Page60 Neal-are you ready because we need to stop at the motel to fetch our robes. Naomi-we better hurry so john wont start without us you know how inpatient he can be and we missed last years ritual Neal-not this time we are on schedule (the chief walks up) Roger-you guys better be happy I wasnt that girls people you would have been busted .I cant keep clearing up these mistakes people are starting to look for their families getting closer to us and finding a way to get here we dont need that and the mayor has me covering up for what`s happening here . Neal-we understand but we are on top of ourselves no need to worry. Roger-I hope not I wont go down alone if the FBI gets involved so remember that.(he walks off) Page61 Neal-that damn roger nosy as hell and sneaky he will rat us out if he has to .after tonight we will get rid of him and his deputies I will see to it. Scene16 Stacy`s horrible encounter Page62 It is now midnight the witching hour Stacy lay naked on the floor while Naomi and Neal have awaited her consciousness .Neal grabs a near by mug of water and throws it in Stacy`s face that wakes her up .the drugs that were put in her drink have worn off so she doesnt really know where she is and why is she naked .when she tries to move Neal holds her with force while Naomi ties her hands up behind her back. Stacy-(crying hard so mascara runs down her face) please stop why are you people doing this? Naomi-my dear there is really no explanation for it I would love to stay younger Neal-me too Page63 Stacy-what hell are you saying? Neal-dont worry my wife and I will make sure we get your heart and your blood but first we can play with you for a moment (he removes his pants) Stacy-what are you doing leave me alone! Naomi-gag her honey so no one will here her .bitch you will enjoy my husbands cock (she removes Stacy`s blouse and rubs her breast then licks in her ears then her neck Stacy moans) Neal-(insert his self into her) oh yeah this is great honey (his wife licks her all over while her husband pounds Stacy`s vagina) Naomi-I wish I could feel her. Neal-sorry baby but you dont have the right tools for the job. Page64 Naomi-(biting Stacy on the tits and bruising her) well I`ll torture this bitch then since she gets to fuck my husband. Neal-shut up woman I`m trying to concentrate! (Naomi continues to nibble at her leaving teeth marks and bruises) Neal-boy do we love to fuck them and eat them (he laughs then pulls out a knife and stabs her repeatedly while his wife eats small pieces of her .John`s wife Kate walks in not even surprised) Kate-John says it`s okay to take this ones heart for yourselves. Naomi-thank you Neal-tell John I said thanks we enjoyed this one very much Scene17 Carl escapes Page65 Carl is barely holding on ready to give up believing there`s no way out .Diana and Mary have kept a constant torture going on him but they seem to have forgotten the small dagger next to them on the floor .Carl spots it then reaches for it hoping he wont get caught .he grabs it and slowly pulls it to him he has a good grip and now is the time to escape .he grabs Mary and puts the dagger to her throat Diana tries to fight him for it but Carl`s inner strength comes out and he`s determined to get away .Diana`s attempt to take the dagger gets her cousins throat slit this angers her extremely .Carl continues to try for escape. Diana-(yelling to possibly get some assistance) you killed my cousin you bastard now you will die (yelling for help) hey some body ..he killed Mary (she continues to yell) you killed my cousin you fucking bastard Carl-you slut you fucked your own cousin you sick bitch ( he stabs her in the stomach and now she`s dying slowly. Page66 he stabs her some more just for pay back from all the people they may have killed and she screams in agony hoping some one can hear then she stops to try and speak to Carl whom she wants dead so badly so Carl stops the torture so he could here what she has to say for the last time) Diana-you will never get away you`re stuck here and your soul will perish (laughs but barely because Carl has done a number on her then he finally finishes her off by stabbing her in the chest straight in the heart. Carl-you wont see anything (he rises up trying not to think about the pain he spits on them both then exits) Scene18 the sex orgy Page67 Back at the barn everybody is acting either crazy or horny .folks are taking ecstasy weed and all sorts of alcohol beverages even the reverend and his wife are using drugs and drinking .after a few minutes every grown up is undressing engaging in sex with each other .men are having sex with other men and the same with the women .from the oldest to the youngest adults all having sex with each other .Dory and Reggie sit together making out watching the others and decide to join in on the action . Reggie- (feeling very strange from the Mickey he was slipped earlier) man baby do your people here do this all the time Dory-(rubbing his chest) oh yes we love to do this It`s a part of our culture amongst other things. Page68 Reggie-(looking around and touching her breast) what about your man Dory-(laughs) probably fucking your wife who knows have you seen her lately? Reggie-cant say I have oh well her loss and I want to get to know you better so let`s find a more quiet place to be to ourselves. Dory-around the back is an old dark shed .I like the dark and no one will bother us there .how does that sound baby? Reggie-I`ll fuck you anywhere .I fucked on the plane here (he laughs) Dory-(grabbing his hand and leading him out the door) you will not regret this. Scene19 Laura is spying and regrets it Page69 Laura the deputy is snooping around the barn after she was told to mind her business .she has heard rumors of the island but has only been there for three months .she`s been investigating the many disappearances that are linked to the island .she has noticed a lot of strange goings on but only on holidays .as she looks through the window she can not believe her eyes .every person in town were having sex even her boss and his wife .she continues to watch in shock then tries to radio for the other deputy and unaware that he`s also apart of the cult. Laura-(hysterically but whispering) Ramsey Ramsey-what is it Laura? Laura-you need to come down here now .some seriously freaked out shit is going down at the old barn. Page70 Ramsey-where`s the sheriff? Laura-forget him he`s here too that sorry son of a bitch .we have to call some one things are kind of fishy around here. (as Laura tries to explain further but somebody comes up behind secretly and bashes her over the head knocking her unconscious then she`s drug away) Scene20 Reggie dies before he can come Page71 Reggie and Dory are in the shed making out. Dory`s boyfriend Danny is watching their every move Danny walks over to the shed and busts in .the two of them are totally naked and were having sex but are interrupted .they lay there in shock on top of a bed of hay and there`s a stink of cow shit or some other stinky animal. Reggie-hey dude who the fuck are you? Dory-this is my man I was telling you about and baby this is Reggie .I met him at the barn so I fucked him to make you jealous please forgive me. Reggie-(angry and getting up slipping on his clothing)what the fuck is this shit Dory you said I didnt have to worry about this kind of shit (speaking to Danny)hey dude I asked her if you were her guy I dont want problems so I`ll just leave. Page72 Danny-(slaps Dory) you slut (he then licks the blood from her mouth and French kisses her) Dory-I`m sorry baby I wont ever do it again (they kiss then she turns to speak to Reggie) you stupid fuck you thought you could get away with this? Danny-(pulling out a huge knife) well I guess I`ll just have to kill you now say what ever prayer you know. Reggie-(backing up slowly) oh my god. Come on man I didnt know I swear to you. (Danny slashes him in the thigh Reggie yells in agony and falls to the floor) Danny-(he slashes his arm next) you shouldnt cheat on that pretty piece of ass you got It`s called a sin (passing the knife to Dory) finish him baby I`m hungry and he looks tasty. Page73 (Reggie yells in great pain as she finishes him off then they both taste Reggie`s raw meat and they drink his blood) Danny-help me carry him to the truck momma wants the heart (they exit) Scene21 Carl tries to warn Anna Page74 Carl arrives at the motel where they were staying .he`s looking for Anna to warn her that she was right about that island and that she needs to get off of it .he hears a sound coming from the back room of the office and sounds of moaning .he enters the room only to see a sick and deranged sight Ruth from the clothing store was eating Anna`s flesh like it was a piece of steak. Carl (picking up a vase from the desk) you sick bitch (he smashes the vase over her head knocking her out) I have to get off this island (he covers Anna`s body with a quilt from a couch there`s somebody else in the room .Its Fiona the reverends wife. Fiona-(look of wickedness on her face) what are you doing Page75 Carl-lady when I got here she was already like this and the other lady was eating her Fiona-you lie and now you must pay (she pulls out a double barrel shot gun and points it at him) you`re coming with me now move your ass! (Fiona escorts him out to the car) Carl-you wont get away with this my family would find out about this and you`ll get the gas chamber. Fiona-just get your ass in the car and drive so I can keep an eye on you! (Carl gets in on the driver side and Fiona gets in the back with the shot gun pointed at his head then they drive off) Scene22 Laura Reveals the Truth to Reba Page76 When Laura comes to it is almost 1am and things are about to get more hectic. The room Laura is in is the same one Reba is in .It`s a torture chamber where they sacrifice humans to gain great powers .unfortunately Laura and Reba are the chosen ones this time .Reba is awake but in a great deal of pain and in a state of shock .Laura calls out to her but gets no response. Laura-hello there can you hear me or do you understand me .do you know what we`re doing here? Reba-(trying to speak) who are you are you a cop? Laura-yes I am .and I need you to listen to me carefully. Reba-what`s going on here? Page77 Laura-this island was once filled with peaceful beautiful people .until one day the most horrible colony of a group of people showed up killed everybody except the ones that wanted to live so they had to change their lifestyles in order to stay alive. Reba-what do you mean change their lifestyles? Laura-well they had to kill and sacrifice any tourist who came here .they are also cannibals who eat the victims heart for so called eternal life and great powers .they were first discovered by a man named Carlos Martino spoke of these people and claimed the people who were here first are his ancestors .he claims a few people escaped but were too afraid to speak of this place .I am a FBI agent sent here under cover to investigate this island .they kill to live forever and I have all the evidence I need to stop them but we have to get out of here so I can contact my colleagues .but just in case I dont make it And you do see to it that you contact my superior agent Parks and let him know what`s going on here. Reba-why me why is this happening? Page78 Laura-why any of us lets just try to get out of here. (John and his men enter the room before they could utter another word John and a few other men into the chamber interrupting their conversation) John-there is no escape .you both will die and we will feast upon your flesh then eat your hearts and throw the bones to our dogs for their feast .Laura I want to thank you for sharing our secrets with this beautiful woman but we have been on to you since your arrival (he spits in her face) your whole existence is over. Scene23 Carl`s 2 escape Page79 It`s 1:25am and all Isn`t well .Carl and Fiona pull up at the Hooper mansion .Fiona gets out of the car slowly keeping the gun pointed at him .Carl has something up his sleeve a game plan that he pray`s it works .he waits for her to come to the side of the car waiting for the right second to make his move but he has to do it soon before It`s too late. Fiona-slowly and easy get out of the car boy! Carl-look miss why dont you calm down and I will do what you ask of me okay (being a little flirtatious) I want to do something for you. Fiona-(wondering) what the hell are you yapping about (still holding the gun on him) Page80 Carl-(licking his lips seductively) well since I`m going to die anyway I would rather join the cause. Fiona-(laughing) you dont know anything about our cause .you couldn`t even grasp it. Carl-(still being seductive and slowly getting out of the car) well I think you`re very attractive and I like the things you do here .no one even asked me if I just wanted to join in .besides I saw the way you looked at me at the diner .I thought you wanted me too. Fiona-(blushing) stop kidding around lets move the others are waiting. Carl-(walking towards her looking seductively) we could do it right here in the car .no one will know just trust me .I need a new family so I can move on .my wife is a slut and left me alone .she`s even staying here with those twin guys .I need you. Page81 Fiona-I`m married young man and It`s against the sacred rules of our congregation. Carl-(getting through to her) just tell your leader I want to join your organization (he grabs her hand) let me in Fiona (he tries to kiss her but she`s trying to resist) Fiona-(stupid and totally non resistant now) listen to me .no one must know about this (she puts the gun down on the ground which is a bad move) Carl-(getting ready to make his move) let me kiss you and make love to you .we can be secret lovers. (Then she closes her eyes to kiss him and he quickly goes for the gun then she notices him and tries to grab it too .they get into a struggle) Fiona-I knew I couldnt trust you now you will die in a savage way. Page82 (they continue to struggle with each other for the shot gun .Fiona has the strength of a man due to her years of killing and gaining powers from the dark one .she is still unsuccessful and Carl now controls the gun .he steps back and blows her head off her shoulders) Carl-(grabbing the rest of the shells and loading the gun) that was a strong old bitch .wonder how she got that strong (he then runs off into the mansion) Scene24 Page83 Laura is sacrificed Meanwhile in the chamber the entire cult awaits this special event .these sacrifices will make them all younger and more powerful. John and Pa Hooper are the leaders so they will perform the ritual .Laura is chosen to be the 1 to go due to the fact she revealed their secret and probably told others .the members of the cult are naked except the two leaders .they stand around Laura`s naked body lighting candles one by one as she hangs over a pentagram with Reba next to her in the same form. Page84 John-we are gathered here this day to worship and give gifts to our father the dark one .he only asks for the souls of these people and he will grant us eternal life youth and power .to punish those to bring troubles to our congregation (he walks over to Laura stripping out of his clothes) her soul will guarantee our success .so that we may continue to live and serve our father. Laura-(crying and very afraid) you people are sick my people know where I am and they will find you assholes) Pa-(slapping her) your people may find what`s left of you but they wont find us .see darling we have lived for centuries we are gods you humans arent nothing but your god`s stupid creation .all of you are weak and will never understand the great powers we possess so you dont stand a chance against us. John-(cutting her throat) enough of this It`s time (Reba hangs there screaming and struggling to get free but it`s useless) trying to get away wont work my dear it`s far too late(he licks the blood of Laura Page85 and rubbing his hands in it then others join .Reba continues to scream knowing she`s next .Laura`s blood is running onto the floor and John begins cutting pieces of her flesh then eating it .his wife Kate walks over to Laura`s body then stabs her in the chest with a dagger .Ma Hooper bathe in the blood and appears to be at least 30 years younger and all the others seem to be having 20 or 30 years taken off their lives .Kate licks the blood while in changing formation. Ma Hooper-(on her hands and knees) oh thank you my father oh dark one I can feel your power. Kate-(30 years younger) oh yes my father (she then walks over to her husband and he is younger too .they kiss and rub blood on each other. Debbie-(chewing on the arm of the woman and looking younger) Adeline-(licking the blood from Debby`s fingers) I feel the power my dear father. Scene25 Carl interrupts the ceremony Page86 (Carl runs through the mansion searching every room to find at least one of his friends alive .he stops in his tracks to hear voices coming from a near by room .theres a light coming from beneath the door .so he grabs the door knob then busts in to see that all the cult members are naked and bloody with his soon to be wife hanging naked and bloody herself .everyone stares at him as he walks in with the double- shot gun .they can also see the crazed look on his face and the smell of death on him. Carl-(very angered) okay you sick mother fuckers you best be getting away from my wife or I`ll kill all you in breed bitches (he walks over to Reba pointing his gun in all directions) Page87 John-(laughing) boy do you know what you`re doing I sure hope you do because you will be punished by my father .you dare interfere. Carl-I dont believe in your stupid god .(he starts to untie Reba but keeps a close eye on everyone then he orders John to do it or threatens to blow his head off) Pa-son just let the bitch go .they will pay in do time .no one ever escapes us. John-Pa what do you mean. Pa-(upset as well) do what I ask there`s too many people now aware of us .Laura was right people especially her kind will be coming so let them go. John-you guys cut her down now. (when they cut her down she is half crazy flashing back on all they did to her and her friends .she notices the dagger and slowly grabs it then Page88 jumps to her feet suddenly and stabs John in the neck .this surprises everyone but this is the only chance they have to get away .Carl grabs her hand and runs for the door) you are one crazed broad and I knew you had it in you. Reba-that`s why you wanted to marry me (trying their best to escape until Reba falls down some stairs and is okay until Kate comes in with a revolver shooting at Carl .then her son Danny comes out with a shot gun Carl is out numbered .he runs down the stairs and picks Reba up on her feet then they flee to the nearest exit just barely missing bullets .Sonny Harry and Danny gather more guns and exit out the same door. Scene26 the chase Page89 Carl and Reba run for their lives with Reba barely making it .they reach Fiona`s car still with the key`s in it and Fiona`s brains all over the hood .Carl helps Reba get in on the passenger side and closes her door then rushes to the other side and gets in .they speed off with Carl driving frantically almost hitting every thing in sight .Sonny and the rest of the guys are all piled up in their SUV not far behind them .they reach the hills Carl swerving but still managing the road. Carl-(out of breath and scared for their lives) It`s going to be okay I promise. Page90 Reba-(barely able to speak but trying to stay focused) please dont leave me again and I`m sorry for everything. Carl-I love you baby but we have other shit to deal with first .now hold on tight while I shake these bastards .we will make it and we`ll be the first. Sonny-hey Harry get on them fucks with all you got (Harry begins shooting out the window .Carl swerves to dodge them) Carl-Reba you got to shoot this at them so get the shot gun! Reba-(grabbing it) I dont know how to use it. Carl-it`s already cocked hold it away from your face point and shoot now! (Reba then shoots at them and hits the back window almost lucky enough to take one of their heads off) Page91 Danny-fucking bitch is shooting at us. Sonny-well shoot back ass hole! Carl-shoot again this time at the tires! Reba-(frantic) I can`t. Carl-do it now or we die! (Reba aims the best way she can then pulls the trigger and shoots .the bullet hits the front tire surprisingly sending the SUV sliding out of control and over a cliff .the truck explodes on contact when it hits the ground .Carl and Reba keep going feeling relieved) Scene27 Carl and Reba come with the feds Page92 The next day at just about 8am Carl and Reba enter the island with the FBI .the contacted the agent that Laura spoke of before she died brutally.tey search through out the town seeing no one in sight except dead bodies cut up body parts but no sign of the cult members anywhere they all have vanished .they search the mansion but found nothing except Laura`s lifeless and mangled body .guts and blood Page93 ,signs of devil worship , and no clues or evidence that a cult even existed. Agent Parks-(being sarcastic) so where are these devil worshipers? You claim they own the island so why would they leave? Carl-(confused on where they went that fast with out a trace) agent Parks I swear to you they were here and they killed our friends we came here with .they were going to kill us but we got away. Agent Reed-do you think we are some fool`s or do we just look stupid? Reba-(very upset)we are not apart of this we are the victims .your colleague Laura told me to contact you if I made it out alive so I did .is this the thanks we get? Agent Parks-well young lady in this type of situation no suspect you told me about seems to be around to be arrested .And in cases like this since you and your boy friend are the only suspects we got so that page94 means you have the right to remain silent and you are under arrest. Carl-what the hell are you talking about Parks damn it? Agent Parks-grab them men! (Carl resists but is unsuccessful) the more you resist the more you`ll get beat up .just let my boys do their jobs you sick mother fucker! Reba-we didnt do anything you ass holes we are the victims. Agent Reed-that`s what they all say when you`re busted (he laughs hard) (Carl continues to struggle with extreme force and they knock him unconscious .Reba screams in rage and tries to fight the feds and gets knocked unconscious too .then from the mansion comes Pa Hooper walking towards Agent Parks seeming to know him because he`s smiling .he walks up to him and shakes his hand) Page95 Pa Hooper-thanks Mr. Parks for getting rid of those damn trouble makers .why dont you and your boys come on in for a bit of breakfast .Ma would really like that especially since you always cover your good old grand pa`s ass. Agent Parks-always for my family grandpa.(speaking to his crooked agents)lets get these fools out of here put them in the back of the van .we`ll consider these two the suspects and let the judge decide. (now Reba and Carl are suspects of murders they didnt even commit .they will face a judge with cases of murder in the numbers of at least 20 to 30 people .they stand trial and are sent to prison with life sentences. THE END ththththrdthndst andchecking

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a family of satanist terrorize tourist who travel to there island for 4th of July vacation.


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