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In the never ending struggle between my natural tendancy to write acoustic guitar music and my new-found love for digital compositions, this piece traversed from one side to the other.
I've been haunted by a melody for the past several months that I originally wanted to bring out in a guitar piece. But, for whatever reason, it just never worked out that way.
However, bits and pieces of that melody made its way into this piece...so for now, digital composition, YOU get a turn at taking center stage.
This is my second attempt at purely digital ambient music.
It's just me, the computer, Tracktion 3, my M-Audio KeyRig 49 key midi controller, Garritan Personal Orchestra, and LinPlug's CronoX 3 Synth (Arpeggiator synth sounds).


3/22/2010 10:55 AM Premium
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Date: 6/19/08
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