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Psalm 95 (with Austin Batterton)

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Alright, I'm pleased to present my first collaboration song!!! For one or two days, it was ranked #5 on acidplanet.com!!!!!! :D This is a little worship song written by me and a friend I met on acidplanet.com, Austin Batterton! 17 years old, but a really Rockin dude!!! :D Whats cool is in this song, you're actually listening to two people play music and sing together who actually live about 10 hours away from each other by car! :P

Anyway, this is a Psalm from the bible, and the lyrics can be found in Psalm 95:1-7. This is a nice contemporary worship/praise song for the new and upcoming generations of Christians. My vocals are lead for the most part, but Austin will have lead in the 2nd verse. He also echoes me in the chorus. My vocals stink up the song, but Austin has a nice voice! :P Eh, I like to make fun of my voice, but yea... I downloaded skype and was able to chat and share audio files back and forth with Austin. We sort of sent random little ideas for the song and we would each build on to it until it sounded like this. I have to admit, this was fun! I really enjoyed working with someone else on music, rather than it be all me. :) Now, I have a nice praise song I can possible sing for church sometime! :)

Music by: Ben Mullins and Austin Batterton
Lyrics by: God
Vocals by: Ben Mullins and Austin Batterton
Acoustic guitars by: Ben Mullins
Electric guitars by: Austin Batterton
Bass guitar by: Austin Batterton


5/3/2010 7:05 AM
Wow! This'll rock Heaven for sure! Way to sing it!!



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Date: 4/26/10
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