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Will I Ever Find The Girl? (original)

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Darn! Correction needs to be made... the beginning says "Will I Ever Find The Girl? (SAW)" This isn't the saw version (version with a MIDI instrument on vocal lines). I finally got up the nerve to sing this song... I was almost embarrassed to sing this, but I'm sure my wife would be ashamed of me if I was embarrassed of calling her Sweetie Pie. :P I don't have a wife by the way.

Completely original, this is how a shy guy like me expresses his feelings for girls... Ha. Yesss, I'm very shy, though my singing voice may not show that. :P This is a song I wrote for my future wife. My youth pastor has taught me and the youth many many times that God has a spouse picked out specifically for everyone to get married to some day in the future. He has also told us to pray for the one God has picked out for you, and pray for God to protect them. I know there is one woman out there that God has made for me, but sometimes I wonder if I will even metter her or not... this song is sort of a prayer I've prayed to God many many times... yet I still remain patient, waiting on this woman. The phrase "sing with her" doesn't mean I want her to write music and sing just as I do... that would be so cool, because we could then do something together that we both enjoy doing. But what I meant by this is... I believe life is like a song written by God (or orchestrated), and I want this girl (who is to be my future wife) to sing her song with me. :D

But yea... I'm 21 and all my friends I grew up with in school are now grown up, getting marriad, and some having children... some even having children before marriage. :O I sometimes feel like they're moving on in life and leaving me behind in their dust left with no one to marry... but I will remain to trust God that He has someone special for me and He will bring her to me when the time is right.... I've also felt like God has been pushing on my a lot lately about how the man is to be the leader and lead his wife. That is true, but a lot of men like to take advantage of that and turn their wives into their "slaves." HA! Yes, I believe God calls to woman to be submisive to her husband and follow his lead... however, it makes it SOOO much easier for her to be submissive to her husband only when the man loves and cares for his wife as he is called to do. I will lead my wife the best I can (thought I believe I stink at leading), but I will listen to what she has to say first before I make any sudden movements. I'm stupid anyways. :) Hope you like this song... this is my most prized song of all... well, it's on the top of the list of my best songs I would guess. :)


5/7/2010 11:07 AM
Things can happen when you least expect it : )

Cool tunes as always



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