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After The Music Fades (cover)

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Cover song I arranged for my cartoon band The Doovie Brothers... Ok, just wanna clear this up... I DIDN'T buy Shaun Groves music books to figure out the music to it, I just naturally have a good ear for music... I think this is called "perfect pitch..." or I can listen to a song and figure out how to play it. :)

This Doovie Brothers is a cartoon band I created where I voice act as all the members and play guitars as all the members, but I try to make it sound like a real band. :P Yea... And Shaun Groves' voice is a voice I would love for mine to sound like some day, but I know it probably doesn't sound anything like it. :P Best to be unique I guess. :P Anyway, this song is the song that really got me interested in Shaun's music and voice. I remember back in 2002 or 2003 or so, I heard this on the radio in the car and asked my dad who it was that sang this and he said Shaun Groves. I told him I really liked it, so he used his WinMX program to download it, and to this day it is still one of my favorite songs!!!! Here's Shaun singing if you want to know how he sings it... live though. :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUDYg5eXJdM&feature=related

Shaun Groves is a Christian soft rock artist, however my version rocks a little more... as my Doovie Brothers cartoon band is sort of a rock band... they do about any genre really (soft or hard... I won't do metal though :P), but mainly rock... and Christian. :) Workin on a CD of them right now, Life That You've Been Given... songs with messages of hope to those who are struggling with suicide thoughts and depression. Anyway, hope you like this version of After The Music Fades.

Original music and lyrics by Shaun Groves
Cover music by Ben Mullins
vocals by Ben Mullins
acoustic guitars by Ben Mullins
electric guitars by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins
Doovie Brothers Art by Ben Mullins

Some people find it hard to believe these songs are all done by one person. :P


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