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174168.txtFlower..You see them grow during the spring but how do they get there?Have you ever gotten your hands dirty by playing in the dirt to plant the seedling?Every fall I play in the dirt,planting bulbs deep into the earth,,then add the moistsoil.I pray they will come up in the spring & won't die along the way.At spring time after the snow cover starts to go..you see little buds poking out of the groundI get so excited because I did the work to help them grow.During the spring I also plant trees,roses,& other flowers..they grow thru out the year..I love my flower beds..I handle them with care.Many people believe flowers just grow on their own,but this is not true..someone must plant them.even along the road side those plants are planted by the states to make it seem so pretty.So if you want to make your house grand..plant some flowers around...even trees willhelp.It's sad that many more people don't plant like they use too..what will happen to this world withoutflowers & trees???Page 1

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little writing


5/22/2010 9:19 AM
Love this, we do need to take care of our earth.

5/18/2010 10:03 PM
famed love it

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Date: 5/10/10
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