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Day is Done


174170.txtThe Day is Done....The day is done & here I sit forlorn hoping to soon see the sunshine...Then night is dark with strange noises that come from some other place around me..Will I sleep things seem so fitful and unrestful so I don't know...I try so hard but my eyes just won't close..thoughts of the day just will not go away..Help me dear Lord to fall asleep tonight,for 3 days awke just are not right!I finally do fall asleep with dreams so vivid that I can't believe that there not real...I wake in the morning,very groggy but knowing it is a new day & it's real as everything I touch has a feeling to it...I can wait to go back to that dream world but that will be at another date & time~Page 1

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just some thoughts


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Date: 5/10/10
Other: Writing