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Missing Soundtrack (Opening, The Chase, and The Girl)

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Well, this is music I put to a story called Missing (written by me). It's always been a dream of mine to one day write music to a movie soundtrack to maybe a cool action movie or something. This Missing story is a suspensful story about a girl who lost her parents. She is probably no older than 4. A man named Danny finds her out on a busy street with no one escorting her, so he eventually cares for her until they find their parents. I try to keep you guessing what happened to the parents throughout the whole story.

This is divided into 3 sections... the first part is the opening to the story. At about 1:26, this is a chase that takes place. As Danny is trying to converse with the girl child, a kidnapper interupts and takes the girl. He is heading to his car where there is poison inside... he plans to inject the girl with it. Well, Danny saves the girl and escapes... it's a little more detailed than just that though. :P The last section where the string solos start, that is a song I wrote to describe the girl... called "The Girl" ...common sense. :P Kinda has a sweet sound, but also sad since she lost her parents... and most normal girl children would be sad if they lost their parents. :P




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Date: 5/21/10
Music: Classical