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It's all here in one puzzling page-turner of a novel: conspiracy, codes, prophecy, secret societies, UFOs, ancient mysteries, esoteric lore, the prophetic Mayan calendar end-date of 2012, alternative interpretations of Biblical events, mystifying metaphysics, good guys, bad guys, murder most foul, a touch of romance and a trace of sci-fi. All of this, and more, is intricately woven into the multifaceted storyline of THE EZEKIEL CODE.

Zeke Banyon is a handsome Catholic seminary dropout who now runs a homeless shelter in Seattle's old waterfront district and Angela Ann Martin is an attractive young widow who just wants a simple part-time job at the shelter. But a single twist of fate turns their simple lives upside down when together they stumble onto a mysterious code and a rumor about a lost scroll penned by the prophet, Ezekiel, thousands of years ago. They soon find themselves tumbling down the rabbit hole -- deep into a world of secret societies, high strangeness, mystery and murder -- as they jet across continents in a race to understand the code that will lead them to an ancient artifact of profound importance. Dodging rogue Jesuit priests at every turn and unaware that the Illuminati are ever-present in the shadows, Zeke and Angela soon discover it's not just their own lives that are in danger but also the lives of everyone on the planet.

2012 is coming...Or is it? The clock is ticking...The code must be deciphered...And only one man can save the planet...If he can just figure out how...Before it's too late.

Official website for The Ezekiel Code: http://www.ezekielcode.com

The author, Gary Val Tenuta – former contributing writer for Fate Magazine (U.S.) and Beyond Magazine (U.K.) and a guest on numerous radio programs (including Dreamland, hosted by best selling author Whitley Strieber and The X-Zone hosted by Rob McConnell) – has crafted a provocative mystery novel with an esoteric edge that may upset certain segments of the population while at the same time enthralling others with it's alternative perspective on reality and its vision for the future.

"Gary Val Tenuta gives Dan Brown a run for his "Lost Symbol" money with The Ezekiel Code."
– Laura Faeth, author of "I FOUND ALL THE PARTS: Healing the Soul Through Rock 'n' Roll"

"The plot is intriguing and interesting to the point of being bestseller material."
- Red Adept's Kindle Book Review Blog

"Entertaining and enlightening. A course in high strangeness."
–– Jay Weidner, documentary producer and co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye

"The most gripping and informative book I have read in ages."
–– Robert Tulip, independent reader

"High-concept fiction. An unforgettable book."
– Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands

"I have read it twice and thinking about a third time.
There aren't many books I read more than once. For me it had the WOW factor."
– L. Sue Durkin, author of Life is Like Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

"An impressive feat."
– Peter A. Gersten, editor, PAG eNews

"Highly Recommended!"
– Michael Tsarion, internationally renown divination scholar, author and lecturer




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