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Gamble on the Gulf


I stepped up to the table with a pain in my chest; owin the mortgage on my life n up against the best. In my current situation felt smart to spin a wheel n bet on black, but if I was to lose this round ain't never comin back. Saw my new pile a chips before me, when I could finally open my eyes. He was the next thing to catch my hollow gaze; n as for his pain, there was no disguise! Then this salty ole sea-dog began to gently beg. Tellin me bout all the storms he'd sailed through, n the shark that bit his leg. A teardrop rolled down his cheek as he was sayin, "See ya like to bet on black." /chorus/ N he said, " Son, please bet it again! Black against that damned ole crude, n that my town will be in the black again!" Then he choke out, "I want ya ta gamble on the gulf, cause in case you ain't heard like you for it the times are rough. Gamble on the Gulf of Mexico, cause ya don't see losin as a sin. Just got dealt another shitty hand since hurricane Katrina done us in; n as for all them damned tea sippers with Davey Jones is where they belong, cause now they made our life's story as sad as a country song."

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Date: 5/29/10
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