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Welcome Home (cover)(TDB)

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Alright, here is my take on Shaun Groves' Welcome Home! If you haven't seen my "After The Music Fades" video yet, Shaun Groves' voice is a voice I sort of "look up to" in a way. I love his voice, I wished I sounded like that... however, hardly anyone knows who Shaun Groves is. :P As you may hear, he writes some really good music! Anyway, this is my version of Welcome Home. Though the piano isn't played by me, I can play the piano part.... that's really the main reason I decided to cover this song! But, the piano is a MIDI piano I programed on my Cakewalk Music Creator 5. All notes were programed by me. :)

Also, The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band created by me... I make them sound like a real band, but they are all me... I voice act as each member, I write all their music, I play their guitars, and I do everything else, but I try to make them sound like a real band full of 7 members, though it's only one person... me. :P So yea, and you'll have to excuse my childish humor in this song a few times as well. :P

Also, here is the original songwriter playing this song live, Shaun Groves... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRMyAPW0bDg&feature=related


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