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Pushing Through Life's Journey (guitar cover)

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Alright, this is the coolest video i've made so far!!! :D Gotta love the internet, dude!!! Because of internet, I can collaborate with musicians from all over the world. This is live, so the lead guitars you hear are actually coming from the audio from mine and Austin's video. We are panned the way we appear in the video... Austin on the left, me on the right. This song was writtten by me and Austin, and we worked VERY hard on it... all we can say, is we hope you like it as much as we do!!! So, do at least give it a listen... as hard as we worked on it. :/ Here is the "studio" version... http://www.taltopia.com/view/175797/Pushing-Through-Life-s-Journey-Ben-Mullins-Austin-Batterton-

Sorry we look so lame and boring and constipated (jk), but hopefully the effects made up for that. :P We really do smile, you should hear us talk on skype! Yeah, buff nerdy power!!! :D (inside joke) I really enjoyed writing this song with Austin! A GREAT ROCKIN instrumental!!!! Would sound good on a tv show or movie some day. :) Life can be rough sometimes on our journey, but we'll make it through if we just can't pushing through. :)


music copyright (C) 2010 by Ben Mullins and Austin Batterton

PS - the riff at the beginning was actually our fist idea for our "Psalm 95" song, but it was too rockin for a worship song, so we went with something else... however, I felt like this riff could make a cool song, so we made an instrumental with it. :) And one problem... I spelled Illinois wrong. :P It's crazy how we live 10 hours away, but can still write and perform music together! Maybe we'll meet and start us a Christian band someday. :)


6/5/2010 11:15 AM
Bang up job!!!



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Date: 6/4/10
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