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Too Far Gone (acoustic)2010



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this is to date still my favorite song i love all the other instruments in the original version but my computer has disabled a ton of my songs so im forced to rerecord but i really like this song done acoustic i kept listening seems narcisistic to be a fan of your own songs but i relate to the lyrics just like i would to a song that say beatle or staind would write so i guess you can like your own songs this is still my favorite of my own songs this song talks alot about big mistakes you may make in life and being able to admit your wrong and forgive yourself and start rebuilding yourself i have one mistake that i seem not able to forgive myself for and it would seem that until i am able to i wont be whole. i like the title because it displays that even if you think you are too far gone there is still hope




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Date: 6/12/10
Music: Alternative