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Chasing Someone Elses Dream

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this song is about being awake at night and how like christmas eve its so quiet like every light sound person isnt there. and how at peace you can feel in this time of the night. the line chasing the dawn describes how i cant enjoy or be fullfilled by things always looking for the next horizon chasing the next days dawn it has a double meaning though also its about drinking how to chase the night with alcohol. which has become yet again become an anchor to hold me back. the chorus talks about its weird how you can go through life always feeling different than other people. the song is very descriptive there really is nothing more perfect at times than the peace of dawn and watching the sunrise. the title comes from when you are trying to be to much like other people or trying to do what others would hope you should do you would be chasing someone elses dream and not your own. also it means your awake when others are dreaming double meanings i love the ability to see nonspecific things in these songs that way more than just me can relate to them i like to think somewhere out there other people are thinking these thougts it connects people over oceans to share in an idea.




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Date: 6/12/10
Music: Alternative