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Counting Sheep


I'm thinking, I'm thinking inside my head what time should I go to bed? 7 or 10 o' clock! One of them works for me can't you see I'm almost asleep? Tick-Tock says the clock. I'm barely asleep, knock-knock" who's there? It's my mom and her sleeping hair! I'm counting sheep in my head almost there to heaven in my bed! OH NO! It's 7:11 I gotta get to bed, before my parents start yelling "go to sleep count some sheep!" I need a drink of water my throat is very dry! If I don't I might cry, or even worse DIE! My eyes they are shutting almost asleep, my mom comes in and doesn't hear a peep, my mom is thinking "she must be asleep, but all I'm doing is counting sheep!!! GOOD-NIGHT! BY: KRISTEN BAILEY THINKING OF SHEEP?

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I made this poem originally for a project in language arts 2 grades ago in 6th grade ! My teacher said it was marvelous and I got a 10/10 on it with a little comment saying " you should write poems " ! So now I've tooken her advice and turned it into one to share with the world and see there opinions on it because even my family though it was great ! Thanks for viewing and hope to hear positive comments , Kristen : )




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Date: 6/15/10
Other: Writing