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Shoot High

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Here is my Doovie Bros' song, Shoot High!! If you don't know, The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band created by me. Art is by me, and their music and lyrics are by me... also, I "voice act" as each 7 band members, and play guitars as them... but I try to make it sound like a real band... or somewhat real at least. The instruments I don't have, I use MIDI instruments (or instruments from the computer... my definition). :)

That in mind, this song really sounds the way I imagined them sounding! The guitar solo is me, but in my cartoon world it is Toby Tyball... beardy guy. :) This is the way I imagine him playing solos. Yea, I'm REALLY wierd, but The Doovie Bros seem to get a lot of attention on acidplanet.com... :)

Anyway, the song... don't just shoot to satisfy yourself, but shoot higher than that. I school, a lot of people (me included... kinda :P) only shoot for the goal to make a D just to pass. Shoot for the B, or the A, or the A+! :D I've worked hard on getting this one to sound good, and it's about to drustrate me on the levels on the vocals. I can't get them just right. Anyway, maybe this is good... i don't know. :/

Verse 1:
As life keeps moving on at a steady pace,
There are many moving targets in the world wide race!
So just keep moving at a steady pace,
And you will find your place
In the big world of race!
And don't give up on any dream today.
This life can bring you pain,
But possible remains, so...

Shoot high! Keep dreamin!
There's no such thing as an impossible goal, so
Shoot high! Don't stop believin!
You'll never know until you try,
So Shoot High!!!

Verse 2:
Don't let the other guys limit your power!
There's a longing deep inside, and it just needs to burst!
So don't let failure get the best of you,
Oh don't you know it's true,
You have the power to!
And when you're shooting for a dream in life,
Don't shoot to satisfy,
But more until you die, and...


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