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The Doovie Brothers group picture (6-29-10)

cartoon, band, goofy, rock, music

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Ok, here's a picture I drew of my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... a band that I created where I voice act as each member, play guitars as each member, sing as each member, and write all their music and lyrics, but I try to make them sound like their an individual band. :P

Phil is the lead singer and trumpet player, Doov is the background singer and the sax/trombone player, Toby is the bass singer (don't sing in every song) and one of the guitarists (usually lead guitars are him), Mack is the other guitarist, Johnny is the bassist, Lil' Boe is the keys, and Ringo (or Jack Blackster) is the drummer... duh. :)




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Date: 6/29/10
Art: Drawing