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Love (Cure)(TDB)

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This is a song about love. :P This song is written for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... Basically, I voice act as all their voices, so I sing as them, play guitar as them, an I write all their music. :)

I believe when our hearts are troubled and infected with pain, hardships, and just a lot of crud that life can bring us, Love is the cure from all of that nastyness. When you are down, love others and let others love you. Hate only makes the infection worse. When we are in pain (like a loved one has died), we need comfort. Let others love you, for it is love that makes the Earth turn. :) I sound all artsy fartsy. :P

Verse 1:
A teenage girl cries ‘cause she just wants to be loved.
She feels left out. No one wants to see what she’s really made of.

Love can save you from the pain inside your heart.
Love’s the cure for everyone right from the start.

Verse 2:
This same young girl grieves the death of her own mother.
The pain is great, crushing her own heart for what seems forever.

It’s because of Love that sent Him to die in your place,
(And) It’s because of Love you can know this very man today!
(yes, this is Christian)

Music and lyrics copyright © 2010 by Ben Mullins




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Date: 6/30/10
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