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Han-Burgian Grounds

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This is an old on from 2009, but just recently recorded guitars... they were previously MIDI guitars...

Well, I'm sure you're wondering who the "Han-Burgians" are. Back when I was in 7th grade, me and my friend, Nathaniel Smith, created a comic book idea called The Planet Rune! It was inspired by the game that I loved and became addicted to called Dune 2000. Basically what the Rune comic is about is 1 nation from 4 different planets fighting on a planet called Rune for it's valuables. Whoever wins the war wins the valuables. There's the American army from Earth, the Marsian army from Mars, the Han-Burgian army from Han-Burgias, and the Sisian army from Ssius.

The Han-Burgians are an army with the strongest soldiers of the 4 nations. They are led by Captain Boah Ket-Japeise. They are the strongest, and can therefore run the fastest... but they are not the brightest bunch of people. They don't have a very great skill in making stradegies, but when they attack, they attack strong! In this song, imagine you're in the midst of an enemy army base (possibly the Han-Burgians). They could attack you at anytime! It's somewhat of a mysterious song, but it's hard rock.... :)

-Ben Mullins

Here's a nice review! He says... "your combo of horns and that great guitar riff and then add those drums, wonder why there's no reviews????????. I will be taking a listen for other gems under this page. Would you be willing to supply the chords you used? Oh almost forgot at 2:47 nice change to build up to the end. 10 in my book! "




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Date: 8/1/10
Music: Rock