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Dreamer Guy (Austin Batterton & Ben Mullins)

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Ok, this is a song Austin Batterton wrote. It's his originally, but he brought me along the ride. :P So I added some of my personal touches to it... like the piano and synths and things. :)

Me and Austin pretty much have similar dreams, get known someday by our music... maybe meeting someday and moving to Nashville as songwriters... ha, you never know. :P Well, we're not too popular now... not that popularity matters anyway... but maybe we will be more known someday. :P So yea, that's where I think the lyrics mainly come from... which were written by Austin. :) So yea... if you know someone with connections, please let them know about us. :P

Austin Batterton:
Lead Vocals
Electric Guitars
Electric Bass
Drum Sound Loops

Ben Mullins:
Background Vocals
Acoustic Guitars
Piano, Synth, Orchestra MIDI Programing
Orchestration at the end...

I wrote that last orchestra part, but it was based off of the original chord progression of Austin Batterton's. :)

PS - Oh yea... guess I should mention... the bell part is by Austin... well, he wrote it with piano and synth, but I changed it to a bell later on. :) ...also, Austin's in IL, I'm in TN. :)




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Date: 8/7/10
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