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I Wanna Stay (TDB)

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This is an older one... well, not like 2009 or anything. I wrote it a week or a month ago, but just never got to finishing it. I wanted to wait and record distortion rhythm guitars at the end section, but I think it sounds great without them.

Anyway, music wise... I used my Phil and Doov voices in vocals, but I also used my Lil' Boe voice, which I rarely do in vocals. Lil' Boe is the keyboard/piano player, but he sings sometimes in BGV's at concerts to support background vocals. Here, he sings lead vocals in the second half of the 2nd chorus.

Lyric wise and background story... this is somewhat inspired by Shaun Groves' After The Music Fades (look up my cover of it). For those who don't know, I believe each and everyone of us have that one person we want to be like. Football players have that pro NFL player they want to be like. Artists too want to be like some famous artist. Shaun Groves is the Christian singer/songwriter I find as my inspiration. Anyway, I don't think Shaun had this meaning in After The Music fades, but I believe we all have this one sin that trips us up everytime. Satan knows our weakness, and he throws the ones that trip us most right in front of us everytime. During this time of sin, it's fun. If sin wasn't fun, we wouldn't do it. This is the "music" I believe is going on. But after the music fades and I realize what I've done was wrong, it makes me feel so far away from God and I just want to be closer, and just stay... not wonder off again.

Also, I used a technique in the guitars during the verses called a "tremolo," which is really famous with Esteban the guitarist... which is where I learned to play guitar... watched his lesson DVD's. I don't record myself doing it much because most rock songs don't have them, and I'm not perfect at it. Basically, the thumb plucks one lower string, and it is followed by the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger plucking the 1st string... really quickly.

Music and lyrics by Ben Mullins
Vocals and guitars by Ben Mullins

Verse 1:
My selfish pleasures seem to tie me down
Everytime I hear its sound.
Foolish thoughts and actions seem to get the best of me,
And I feel I've drifted far away.

(Bring me back!)
I feel very far away,
But I know You're love will never change.
(Bring me back!)
Oh Lord, I just wanna stay
With You!
(After The Music Fades)

Verse 2:
My selfish pleasures seem to tie me down
Everytime I hear its sound.
Foolish thoughts and actions seem to get the best of me,
And I KNOW I've drifted far away.




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Date: 8/29/10
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