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BATMAN BEYOND: Beyond The Senses



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Decades in the future... Bruce Wayne is 80 years old and a young protoge' becomes a new Batman for a New Gotham City. Based on the successful animated series BATMAN BEYOND, Dynamarc Films presents a non-profit live-action test short fan film , featuring Dru Grossberg as Batman/Terry McGinnis, Michael McQuary as Spellbinder, and Marc Briatack as the voice of Bruce Wayne. Produced, Directed, Written, Shot and Edited by Marc Briatack. Featuring costumes crafted by Larry Smith, winner of the San Diego Comic Con Masquerade Costume Contest 2010. Batman and related characters are property of DC Comics Inc. which is not afilliated with this production.




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Votes: 5
Views: 1,320
Date: 8/31/10
Acting: Film