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If He Was Fake (TDB)

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This one is like Standing Strong, but faster. It's written for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... a band where I voice act as each 7 members, sing as each singer, play guitar as each guitarist, write all their music and lyrics, and draw their pictures. :)

I know it's not a good Christian thing to say "I got hot headed about this," but that's a fact. It's true, this topic gets me fired up. I did however impress a lot of people with some of the points I came up with... :) I tried to put some of those points in this song, but it's hard to put it to music, so I just had the bridge as a spoken word. I could be the apostle Paul of the new generation... jk. I don't think I could ever replace him. :P

Remember this, I'm not syaing athiets are dumb and should be wiped off the face of the Earth. However, we Christians can wipe them off the Earth by convincing them God is real... and that would be cool... but if they never do decided to believe, I'm not going to kill them or anything. :P These are just some of my thoughts.

So yea... Austin Batterton told me this song would sound good with a deeper course voice like the lead singer of Skillet... so I decided to try and go with my Toby character singing (remember, all voices are me voice acting). This is also the highest I have ever sang with that voice!!! :) I don't think it sounds too good, but I don't know. Hear the message at least. :)

V1: They say don't pray. God won't hear you anyway. They say it's just a waste of time, Something imaginary in my mind... But I must confess day by day THAT HE IS THERE!!! (He's not an imaginary friend of mine!)

C: If He was fake, I would know it! If He was fake, I would not feel Him! If He was fake, This life would be a waste of time! If He was fake, I would worry Knowing that everyday, my life had Absolutely no control! It would be a waste of time!

V2: They laugh at me! God is not what they believe. They say our God's illogical, He is imaginary and a fraud, But I must confess what they see... THAT THEY'RE ALL LIES, 'CAUSE HE IS THERE!!!! (They are blinded by their own self-foolish thoughts)

Bridge: (Toby) People tell me I'm brainwashed from the church. I may be brainwashed, but brainwashed in the right direction. They are blinded by their own knowledge and too focused on themselves to notice it! I just don't get how people can judge what we believe from a distance and not ever try to experience what we do day to day to see if these feelings are real. (Doov) It's like a cheeseburger with melted cheese, deee. Theylook at it and say "Because the cheese is melted on the burger, that must mean the burger is extremely hot. Therefore, I'm not going to eat it..." when in reality, the burger is medium temperature. The chef just decided to put melted cheese on it... makes me hungry, deee. (Phil) One of the biggest proofs I believe God exists is the power of conviction. When I do wrong, I feel convicted to repent and ask God to fogive me of my sins... something the lost world and athiests will never experience until the truly accept Jesus into their hearts. (Mack) They say our God and our arguments to support God are illogical. Our God is, for the most part, illogical... to man, because His way are higher than our comprehension. (Johnny) Science just has too many holes in it to me. They say we evolved to the humans we are today, but they are missing the transitional fossils to show that we did evolve. They are also missing the reasons why life started. Most, of course, believe the Big Bang, which is what... but not why. (Ringo) They don't want to accept the statement "God made it," because it's too schort and doesn't require much thought to say it. (Lil' Boe)So as long as they ignore that "God made it," they will keep searching for the nothingness which they want to exist, but they're not going to find it. (Phil) God is not fake, He is real, and nothing you can say or do can change that truth! CHRISTIANS, don't let smart athiests and non-believers (and Satan) fool you!


12/27/2011 2:12 AM
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9/4/2010 6:24 AM
Great song, I really enjoyed the cheese burger message - Famed!



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