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"Conspiracion Urbana" Discordia EP

Conspiracion, Urbana, -, Discodia, Ep

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Download our Ep "Discordia" here: http://www.unheardradio.com/Conspiracion_Urbana/

About EP

"Discordia" EP released on April 10 of 2010, this EP is a compilation of the first songs made by Conspiracion Urbana combining different content, in terms of melody and lyrics. Discordia reflects the first thoughts from the band´s beginning , same´s evolved on their sound since its inception.This combines deep lyrics with haunting screams and low voices that matches perfectly with thunderous drum rythms, rough and acid synths and powerful guitars to fabricate a record boiling over.
consists of 7 songs it´s an independent production financed by the own Band. We may find on this production diverse influences of the Band on songs like “Psyque Vampire” and “Cultura Retrogada” where we notice the inclination towards on metal-industrial on songs like “Discordia” and ”Sepia” where we may appreciate the alternative side offered by the Band.
Every word on lyrics containing, you trust them, feel them and then sing it for others. There is no falsehood in what Conspiracion Urbana offers, because every song is made with feelings and emotions that come from the depths of our being, removing ghosts, sadness, but also pure energy, fun and good vibes, first among us to then offer it to everyone wich listen us.




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Date: 9/12/10
Music: Rock