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Courtyard 01

Courtyard, castle, column, columns, lighting

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This new sequence of images was originally going to be an animated 3D walk-through, but there were way to many polygons by the time I was finished creating the scene. My server couldn't handle making it into the animation. So I took a few snap shots instead. This is my "Courtyard" scene. I designed it to be spooky hence the greenish otherworldly lighting. I did use 2 plugins one called Greeble for some of the stone extrusions and Ivy Grow from Guruware to make the ivy for the scene. The rest was just lighting, shadows, textures and modeling.


10/4/2010 8:15 AM
I love this series! Its a shame you couldn't get them animated, but they would be a great Halloween series. (a skeleton on a midnight walk would make a great shot!) I love the tones!

9/13/2010 11:22 AM
These are great. It's really too bad you couldn't animate them.



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Date: 9/12/10
Art: Graphic Design