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Psalm 95 (live at GBC)

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This recording is live at my church on Sunday evening, September 12, 2010... I would guess around 6:15pm or so. I'm singing live, but Austin isn't... since he lives 10 hours away from me, he can't be there to sing it live with me. :P So I am singing and playing guitar. I didn't have a mic on my guitar, because I only play guitar when I sing so I can be doing something while the music plays... and not just stand there. :P And I'm not a good dancer, so I can't dance while the music plays when vocals rest. :P Now to the vocals... I had a mic to my mouth, but you can bearly hear it... however, it was clearly heard at the church... it was just recorded softer I guess. :/ Anyway, I think you might can bearly hear my guitar near the end. :) My dad was doing the sound system that night. :)

Haha, what the preacher says after I sing PROVES that what I say is true... I DO NOT TALK THAT MUCH AT ALL!!! So when I sing, it surprises people! :D

I have not sang at church in FOREVER! It's at least been 5 or 6 months since I last did a song for the church like this. I wanted to show the church how much my voice improved, however, I didn't want them to look at me and see how good I am and how good of a singer I am. The point of singing songs at church is to show everyone how great GOD is! :)

I'll bet if Austin lived closer to me and if we did sing this live together, we would rock!!! :D




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Date: 9/13/10
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